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Hi There, In richtextbox if i type something and when the focus is lost its deleting the text which i typed.And one more problem is there is already some text is there in richtextbox move the cursor to the end of the text and paste some text which is copied from some other place, it is deleting the existing content and copying the one which i pasted.pls provide some solution for these two. Regards, Manohar B.

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 1, 2005 03:48 PM UTC

What RichTextBox cells are you using? I do not see this behavior in \Syncfusion\Essential Suite\\Windows\Grid.Windows\Samples\CellTypes\RichTextCells. Do you?

MA manohar March 2, 2005 05:29 AM UTC

I am using "InPlaceRichTextCell",this is downloaded from sysfusion.com Regards, Manohar

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 2, 2005 10:25 AM UTC

Are you using With that version, I can see the paste problem you mentioned, but did not see the first problem you mentioned. (This worked OK for me in Here is a sample with the paste problem corrected. Can you see either problem in this sample? http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/user/uploads/RichTextInPlaceCellContol_e8bbca6.zip

MA manohar March 2, 2005 11:51 AM UTC

Hi Clay, Thanks for your mail. I have some more requirements like auto size rather than the scorll bar. Also if i change the font size the change is not retained when cell loses focus. But when i change the font and then add / delete any text before moving to the next cell the change is retained. Regards, Manohar

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 2, 2005 12:04 PM UTC

Here is forum thread with one attempt at autosizing a richtext cell. http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/Forums/message.aspx?MessageID=15023 As far as your changes not being saved, make sure the grid.CurrentCell.isModified is set true whenever you change the cell.

MA manohar March 4, 2005 07:12 AM UTC

Hi Clay, I have one requirement where I should be able to write my user defined formulas and implement the functionality.Please give us your valuable suggestions for the same. Regards, Manohar B.

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 4, 2005 08:45 AM UTC

I do not understand your requirement. Here is a forum thread on allowing your user to type something like 5 * 1.2312 / 36.2 and seeingth ecalculated value appear (and be stored) in the cell. You can also type something like Sin(3.14159) * Sqrt(553). You can use any well-formed algebraic expression. http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/Forums/message.aspx?MessageID=25678 Our Essential Calculate ships with a sample that shows how you can add Excel-Like calculations to our GriddataBoundGrid where your user could type = A2 * B4 and see teh calculated value of multiplying the contenst of cell A2 times the contents of cell B4.

MA manohar March 4, 2005 09:06 AM UTC

Hi Clay, Our requirement is something like this.... We need an additional function like rounding a decimal number to the nearest 0.5 /0.3 value,say for example Rup05(2.27) = 2.5.Apart from this we need to develop application specific formula''s which are not availble in the formula cell nor in the .NET Math Library. Regards, Manohar B.

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 4, 2005 10:15 AM UTC

You can add custom formulas both to our grid formula engine and to Essential Calculate''s CalcQuick object. So, you could write your own Rup05 method and add it to the calculation libraries. If you only have 1 or 2 fixed functions you want to handle, then it would likely be easier and more efficient just to write them in your code. If you have a cell whose actual value is 2.27 and you want to display (but not save 2.5), then you can handle the DrawCellDisplayText event. There you can change 2.27 into 2.5 by calling your code that does this calculation, and display the calculated value in this manner. If you want some kind of broad calculation support at this point, you could use an Essential Calculate''s CalcQuick object to do the work in DrawCellDisplayText though it might be more efficient to use Essential Calculate''s CalcEngine directly though this would take a little more effort.)

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