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EditControl Context Choice

Hi, I have set ContextChoiceChar to respond to ''('' and '','' and would like the popup to also appear after a space ('' ''). If I add the space into the EditControl.ContextChoiceChar, when I am typing and a context appears and I press the space, it selects the first (or selected) item and then puts a space afterwards. If I delete the space and press space again, the context correctly appears. However, if I don''t add the space to EditControl.ContextChoiceChar, when a context appears and I press space, the context menu closes and a space is put in. The behaviour I want to achieve is if a context pops up and I hit space, it should put a space and still display the same context menu. I have been able to determine the space (from the KeyPress event) and am able to determine what I want displayed in the context. However, I have not found any method or event to fire to cause the context to be displayed. Please can you tell me how I can go about achieving what I require. Thanks for your help, -- Jessy Liu

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 15, 2004 03:39 PM UTC

Hi Jessy, Which version of Essential Edit are you currently using? We are shipping a new version of Essential Edit with the 3.0 version of Essential Suite. We will be wrapping up Intellisense support for the new version and if this is a new project we advice you to use the newer version of Essential Edit. I had forwarded support for this feature in the new Edit control to the Edit team and I will follow up and check on the status of this issue. Regards, Arun

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 16, 2004 06:13 AM UTC

Hi Arun, I believe we are using version Unfortunately it is not a new project so any tips you might have to solve this in the current version would be great. Thanks, -- Jessy

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 16, 2004 06:59 PM UTC

Hi Jessy, This behavior is due to the way the character typed is handled when the popup is active . When you type in any character when the popup is active, the EditControl calls an internal ClosePopUp() method along with handling the character. There are special cases for handling characters in the EditControl''s EditView class''s KeyPressWithContextChoice method. It does not insert any other character when you press the enter or the tab but for all other characters it closes the popup and inserts the character. There are no public overrides to achieve what you are seeking in the current version but I have checked with the Edit Development team and this feature will be available in the newer version of Essential Edit. Also note that in your earlier update you mentioned that you were able to detect space by using the KeyPress event. When the ContextChoice is active the space is handled by it and not the EditControl. I am enclosing a modified version of the Intellisense sample along with a modified version of the Essential Edit dll. Run the sample and type object1 and space and then space to make a choice. Notice that the space is not inserted after the choice is made and you can press space again to bring up the ContextChoice and make a choice. Let us know if this is a suitable workaround for now and I can send you modified version of the Edit dll (version Note that if you modify the source and build Syncfusion dll(s) you will have to sign it with your own public key for deployment. Regards Arun

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