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AllowNew Master Details 2 Datagrids

Hi I have a Master Detail relationship using two datagrids, very similar to the sync sample DGTripleMasterDetails. But I wish to set the AllowNew to False, works fine for the Master table in Datagrid 1 but the Details table has no effect. Any help would be great! ...here is some code CBAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From tblCashBook", CBConnect) ; CBAdapterSplit = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From tblCashBookSplit", CBConnect) ; CBDataset = new DataSet(); CBConnect.Open() ; CBAdapter.Fill(CBDataset, "tblCashBook") ; CBAdapterSplit.Fill(CBDataset, "tblCashBookSplit") ; // Set Column Styles DGCashBook_SetupColumnStyles(); DGCashBookSplit_SetupColumnStyles(); CBDataset.Relations.Add("CashBookToSplit", CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBook"].Columns["SplitNumber"], CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBookSplit"].Columns["SplitNumber"]); this.DGCashBook.DataSource = CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBook"]; this.DGCashBookSplit.DataSource = CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBook"]; this.DGCashBookSplit.DataMember = "CashBookToSplit"; this.DGCashBook.AllowNavigation = false; CBCmdBuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(CBAdapter); CBCmdBuilderSplit = new OleDbCommandBuilder(CBAdapterSplit); this.DGCashBook.Navigate += new NavigateEventHandler(DGCashBook_Navigate); cm = (CurrencyManager)this.BindingContext[CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBook"]]; ((DataView)cm.List).AllowNew = false; cm2 = (CurrencyManager)this.BindingContext[CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBookSplit"]]; ((DataView)cm2.List).AllowNew = false; CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBook"].ColumnChanging += new DataColumnChangeEventHandler(this.DGCashBook_ColumnChanged); CBDataset.Tables["tblCashBookSplit"].ColumnChanging += new DataColumnChangeEventHandler(this.DGCashBookSplit_ColumnChanged); CBConnect.Close();

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