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GroupViewItem without icons?

Is it possible to not associate an icon with a GroupViewItem? For what we want to use it for, coming up with unique icons will be a little difficult.

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PS Prakash S Syncfusion Team May 1, 2002 03:35 PM UTC

David, The GroupView control, at present, does not have the functionality to display text without associated icons. However, we plan on adding this functionality and it should be available in the final release of Essential Tools. Thanks, Prakash

DP David Palau May 21, 2002 12:56 PM UTC

Thanks. I know I am pushing it, would there be any way to have the whole GroupViewItem region to 'highlight' instead of just the area where an icon would be? It looks a little strange when a blank, iconless area is 'selected'. It would be great to have the whole item area (including text) be selected instead. Is there a way to do that?

PS Prakash S Syncfusion Team May 21, 2002 01:32 PM UTC

David, The functionality to highlight the full item area is already available in the GroupView control. Just set the GroupView control's FullItemSelect property to TRUE to highlight the full item, either with or without icons. Prakash Syncfusion

DP David Palau May 21, 2002 05:15 PM UTC

Doh, right in front of me. This will work but do you know of any way to highlight the entire width of the GroupView for the item? I attached a zipped gif that kind of shows the look we are going for.

DP David Palau May 21, 2002 06:09 PM UTC

I guess what I am really looking for is to control the space between the edge of the GroupView control and any items in it. It seems like the property ItemXOffset should allow me to push the item border all the way to the edge but no matter how I change this value, it doesn't really seem to be doing anything. The other properties like ImageSpacing and ItemSpacing seem to give me what I am looking for, but I just can't 'stretch' the item to the sides of the GroupView. Sorry for being so picky!

PS Prakash S Syncfusion Team May 21, 2002 08:01 PM UTC

David, You can reproduce the exact UI you have shown using the GroupView control. The GroupView control centers the icon+text display in the large icon mode and left aligns them in the small icon mode. In the small icon(left-aligned) mode an approximately 25 pixel space is left out on the right side of the control to draw the top/bottom scroll buttons, while in the large icon(center-aligned) mode an equal space is left out on either side of the items. If the number of items in the control will always be accomdated within the visible client rectangle, then you can simply set the GroupView control's IntegratedScrolling property to be TRUE. This will draw the selection rectangle to the full extent of the control. However, if you still want scrolling as well as the full-item selection, then I would advocate that you use the GroupView control within the Essential Tools GroupBar control to take full advantage of the integrated scrolling feature. This would provide you with an interface similar to the Visual Studio.NET Toolbox window. Please refer to the GroupView and GroupBar samples to get a feel for the UI and the usage. The attached bitmap shows two GroupView controls with the FullItemSelect, ButtonView and IntegratedScrolling properties set. The control on the left has the conventional 3D look while the control on the right has the flat look with a greater ImageHeight value. Please note than when using the GroupView with the flat look and non-icon text only mode, you might note some highlight aberrations in the version that you have installed. We have already addressed this problem and the RC2 release of Essential Tools will include the fix. I would also recommend that you use our Direct-Trac support system to contact us with future questions/issues. The Direct-Trac system is exclusive to our customers and guarantees a much quicker response than the product forums. Thanks, Prakash Syncfusion, Inc.

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