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How to control column names in GridListControl?

This should be an easy one: how can I control the number of columns and the column heading within a GridListControl? I'm setting the DataSource to a DataView, but I only want to show a subset of the columns. Also, does the GridListControl provide keyboard functionality similar to the ListView? What I want is for the GridListControl to select the appropriate item as I type. Thanks, Sean

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 12, 2002 09:56 PM UTC

Sean, To hide columns in a GridListControl, you access the embedded GridControl property, GridListControl.Grid. Dim grid As GridControl = Me.GridListControl1.Grid grid.Cols.Hidden(3) = True ' hide col 3 To change the column headers takes more work if you want to do it in the GridListControl. You can change it by changing the ColumnName in the datatable with code such as: Me.DataSet11.Products.ProductIDColumn.ColumnName = "zzzzzzz" But if you want to change in from within the GridListControl, you currently have to handle the GridListControl.Grid.PrepareViewStyleInfo event and provide the header there. 'add the handler Dim grid As GridControl = Me.GridListControl1.Grid AddHandler grid.PrepareViewStyleInfo, AddressOf GridPrepareViewStyleInfo 'the handler Private Sub GridPrepareViewStyleInfo(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridPrepareViewStyleInfoEventArgs) If e.RowIndex = 0 And e.ColIndex = 2 Then e.Style.Text = "MyCOl2Name" End If You can see an auto-complete GridListControl in a grid cell in the Quick Start/CellTypes sample that ships with the product. (Go to the bottom of the grid)

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