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How to dynamicly create GroupBarItem and linklabels in GroupBarBox

I have a Group Bar named "tsbCategory" within XPTaskBarBox named tskReport. I want to dynamiclly populate tsbCategory''s GroupBarItem with a string array named msCategories. Inside each GroupBarItem, I add a panel to hold several linklabel controls inside. I did it with following code. I can see the the group each bar item and its linklabels. The problem is the the GourpBar layout not freshed,the linklabel is overlaying on groupbar items. How can i sovle it? TIA Coding: private string[] msCategories={"Parameters","Models","Inventory","Present Status","Rehabilitation"}; private void frmReport_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { foreach (string s in msCategories) { Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.GroupBarItem gbiCategory; gbiCategory = new Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.GroupBarItem(); gbiCategory.Tag=s; gbiCategory.Text=s; this.gbrCategory.GroupBarItems.Add(gbiCategory); Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.GradientPanel pnlClient; pnlClient = new Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.GradientPanel(); gbiCategory.Client = pnlClient; gbiCategory.Client.Width=172; gbiCategory.Client.Height=172; gbiCategory.Visible=true; pnlClient.Visible=true; pnlClient.Name = "pnl" + s; pnlClient.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Transparent; pnlClient.Border3DStyle = System.Windows.Forms.Border3DStyle.Flat; pnlClient.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.Transparent; pnlClient.BorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.BorderStyle.None; pnlClient.Font = new System.Drawing.Font("Tahoma", 8.25F, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Regular, System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit.Point, ((System.Byte)(0))); pnlClient.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(0, 0); pnlClient.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(172, 172); this.gbrCategory.Controls.Add(pnlClient); for (int i=1;i<=10;i++) { STN.PMA.UL.tmpLinkLabel lnkRpt1=new tmpLinkLabel(); lnkRpt1.Text="Report"+i.ToString(); lnkRpt1.Name="Report"+i.ToString(); lnkRpt1.Visible=true; lnkRpt1.Location=new Point(0,(i-1)*20); pnlClient.Controls.Add(lnkRpt1); } gbiCategory.Client.Refresh(); this.Refresh(); } }

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team September 17, 2004 11:20 PM UTC

I reposted your message in the Tools forum. See http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/Forums/message.aspx?MessageID=19130. This will give you s better chance to get an answer ... Stefan

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team September 18, 2004 11:07 PM UTC

Hi, Your forum posting has been updated on the Tools forum. http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/Forums/message.aspx?MessageID=19130 Please refer to it and let me know if you need any other information. We appreciate your cooperation. Regards, Guru Patwal Syncfusion, Inc.

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