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Derive one field name from another (dimensional filed name like name[8]

 name="weekday[8]" type="checkbox" value="21" class="weekday" checked="">
 name="timing[8]" type="text" id="name" value="11" size="45" />

 name="weekday[9]" type="checkbox" value="99" class="weekday" checked="">
 name="timing[9]" type="text" id="name" value="12" size="45" />

 name="weekday[10]" type="checkbox" value="77" class="weekday" checked="">
 name="timing[10]" type="text" id="name" value="13" size="45" />

I have above html code

  1. when checkbox for checkbox name="weekday[8]" is clicked, I want to check whether timing[8] is empty or not (we need to derive field name timing[8] from field name weekday[8]

  2. when timing[8] some value is entered , i want to name="weekday[8]" -> checked (we need to derive field name weekday[8] from timing[8]

we can find the name (jquery)

var checkboxname=$(this).attr('name');

// we get checkbox clicked name=name[8]

console.log('checkbox name='+checkboxname);


we get name of field (checkbox is clicked) as name[8]

i want to derive field name timing[8]

i tried (jquery)


var checkboxname=$(this).attr('name');
console.log('checkboxname='+checkboxname);// i got this correct 
weekday[8] in this case

var splitname=checkboxname.split('weekday');// seperated [8] ,  

console.log(splitname[0]+'  1='+splitname[1]); //splitname[1] will have [8]

//now want to form or generate value of variable mobile[8]

var n='mobile'+splitname[1];//the n will be  mobile[8]
console.log('n='+n);// ths will be mobile[8]

var inp=$('input[name="'+n+'"]').val();
console.log(' inp='+inp);// but no success
//here I want value of $('input[name=name[8]').val(); 


Please guide how i derive(using jquery)

filed name mobile[8] from field name[8]

2 Replies

VA Vikas Athavale December 31, 2022 03:50 PM UTC

this problem solved


name="weekday[8]" type="checkbox" value="21" class="weekday" checked="" data-id="8">
 name="timing[8]" type="text" id="name" value="11" size="45" data-id="8" />

 name="weekday[9]" type="checkbox" value="99" class="weekday" checked="" data-id="9">
 name="timing[9]" type="text" id="name" value="12" size="45" data-id="9" />

 name="weekday[10]" type="checkbox" value="77" class="weekday" checked="" data-id="10" >
 name="timing[10]" type="text" id="name" value="13" size="45" data-id="10"/>



  $(".weekday").click( function() {

 let id = $(this).data("id")

 console.log('weekday dataid='+id);// get data-id value of checkbox

  console.log('weekday dataid(attr) ='+$(this).attr("data-id"));

       let time = $(".timing[data-id="+id+"]")


if ($(this).is(":checked")) { // check box for weekday is checked





  console.log(' unchedked '+time)




$('.timing').blur(function() {

   let id = $(this).data("id")

    console.log('timing blur data-id='+id)

   let timing=$(".timing[data-id="+id+"]").val() ;;

  console.log('timing text ='+timing);   // display the text stored in timing

 let wk=".weekday[data-id="+id+"]";


  let weekday = $(".weekday[data-id="+id+"]") // find timing input with same data-id value

// i am getting weekday as unefined

  console.log( 'timing blur weekday '+weekday ); //timing blur weekday [object Object]

  if (timing =='')   // text is blank


     // $(weekday).prop('checked', true);// set checkbox checked

  $(wk).prop('checked',false) ;




   $(wk).prop('checked',true) ;




AM Arumugasami Murugesan Syncfusion Team January 3, 2023 05:46 AM UTC

Hi Vikas Athavale ,

Thanks for contacting Bold Report support.

We are glad to hear that you have found the solution. If you face any other issues, we suggest you to open a new ticket using your account. 



Arumugasami M

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