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record getting selected while scrolling


facing issue when i am scrolling, records texts are getting selected.. 

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PS Pavithra Subramaniyam Syncfusion Team October 6, 2022 04:14 AM

Hi Hashim,

We have tried to reproduce the issue at our end, but the scrolling is working fine. Please refer to the attached screenshot and sample for more information.

So, could you please share the below details for validation which will be helpful for us to provide a better solution as early as possible?

  1. Share the Grid code example
  2. Is there any style customization?
  3. Share the Syncfusion package version
  4. Share an issue reproducible sample if possible.


Pavithra S

Attachment: GridScrolling_9aad00f5.zip

HA Hashim October 11, 2022 01:06 AM

Hi ,

I am attaching the code as sample.. 

@using Syncfusion.EJ2


    ViewData["Title"] = "PendingOrderList";


@section styles {

    <link rel='nofollow' href="~/Content/themes/base/jquery-ui.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />



    ViewBag.Title = "Pending order status";


<div class="control-section">

    <!-- /.col-lg-12 -->

    <ejs-grid id="Grid" dataSource="ViewBag.Data" height="410" >


            <e-grid-column field="Factory" headerText="Factory" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="Date" headerText="Po Date" width="150" format="P2"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="PONumber" headerText="PO Number" width="160"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="StyleID" headerText="StyleID" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="Size" headerText="Size" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="Qty" headerText="PoQty" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="PendingQty" headerText="PendingQty" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="LASTCOST" format="C2" headerText="Last Cost" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="TAG" format="C2" headerText="TAG" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="ImageUrl" headerText="Image" width="150" template="#imageTemp"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="COLLECT" headerText="COLLECT" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="DeleveryDate" headerText="E.Delivery Date" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="supdsg" headerText="Supplier Design" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="STATUS" headerText="STATUS" width="150"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="OrderTYpe" headerText="OrderType" width="150" visible="false"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="ARTICLE" headerText="ARTICLE" width="150" visible="false"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="GoldWt" headerText="GoldWt" width="150" visible="false"></e-grid-column>

            <e-grid-column field="IMAGEFOLDERPATH" headerText="IMAGEFOLDERPATH" width="120" visible="false"></e-grid-column>




@section Scripts {


PS Pavithra Subramaniyam Syncfusion Team October 12, 2022 06:54 AM

Hi Hashim,

Thanks for sharing the details.

We have tried the same code in our sample, but it is working fine. We have modified only the columns property as per our dataSource. Please refer to the attached sample.

It seems that the issue occurs only in your sample. So could you please share a runnable sample with the issue that will be helpful for us to provide a better solution as early as possible?


Pavithra S

Attachment: Grid_cb68463a.zip

HA Hashim October 12, 2022 06:57 AM


Issue has sorted out, It was some issue with custom CSS.

PS Pavithra Subramaniyam Syncfusion Team October 13, 2022 07:24 AM

Hi Hashim,

We are happy to hear that the issue has been resolved. Please get back to us if you need further assistance.


Pavithra S

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