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Reading bool values back from checkbox cell

If have set a checkbox in a GridControl as follows: Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CellValue = false; Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CellType = "CheckBox"; Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].Description = "Select"; Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].TriState = false; Initially the CellValue appears to be of type ''bool'' as expected, once the user checks the box, the type changes to ''string'' containing the value "1", setting the CellTypeValue causes the grid to through an internal exception when the cell is checked. Any ideas? Thanks, Philip

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team July 2, 2004 08:08 AM UTC

Your code will only work if Grid is a GridControl. If it is a GridDataBoundGrid, then you either must set these properties on the GridBoundColumn.StyleInfo for the column, or set these properties from within an event like Model.QueryCellInfo or PrepareViewStyleInfo. If you are using a GridControl, try also setting Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CheckBoxOptions = new GridCheckBoxCellInfo(true.ToString(), false.ToString(), "", false); Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CellValueType = typeof(bool); This code assumes you want to actually store bool values true and false into your datasource. If you are storing "1" ann "0", then you should change these lines to: Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CheckBoxOptions = new GridCheckBoxCellInfo("1", "0", "", false); Grid[gridRow, (int)ColumnOffsets.ServerSelectedColumn].CellValueType = typeof(string);

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