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Loop with textbox

Hi, I want to write a loop where the loop is a textbox in a form For i = Textbox1 to Textbox20 do something next i Problem: it cannot be a String or a textbox of an form or an object of an form ? it only works if i is an integer So i did the follwoing: Dim i as integer, e string For i = 1 To 20 e = "Textbox" & r Msgbox e ' => brings up Textbox1 Textbox2 Textbox3..... ' how can i convert this string to be seen as a textbox (or the values in it) ' this I want to to next: If e <> "value as String" then do something next i So it does this: if "Textbox1" (as string) <> "value as String" what I want to do : if "current value of textbox1 (as string)" <> "value as string" So how can I loop through all textboxes ?

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TO Tommy November 12, 2002 11:37 AM UTC

' I found the solution myself, for anybody who is interested here´s the code: ' The values of the textboxes are loaded into arrays Dim e As Variant, w As Variant e = Array(Me.Textbox1, Me.Textbox2, Me.Textbox3, Me.Textbox4, Me.Textbox5, Me.Textbox6) w = Array(Me.AnotherTextbox1, Me.AnotherTextbox2, Me.AnotherTextbox3, Me.AnotherTextbox4, Me.AnotherTextbox5, Me.AnotherTextbox6) ' Then the loop is done to check values in those boxes Dim r As Integer For r = 0 To 5 If e(r) <> "" And w(r) = "" Then do something End If Next r

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