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Programmatically adding links

Hi, I am trying to programmatically add a bunch of symbols to the diagram and link them, based on data from a dataset. I have used the following code to create the symbols. foreach(System.Data.DataRow row1 in dtInstance.Rows) { switch (row1[0].ToString().ToLower()) { rect[intRow] = new Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram.Rectangle(intOffsetX,intOffsetY,80,30); sym[intRow] = new Symbol(); sym[intRow].Name = "Node_" + intRow.toString(); sym[intRow].AppendChild(rect[intRow]); diagramComponent.Model.AppendChild(sym[intRow]); //Add Label Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram.Label lbl = sym[intRow].AddLabel("Some text", BoxPosition.Center); intRow++; } } this adds the symols just fine, and I know that the following code block, when referencing the appropriate symbols will draw the links that I am after. Link link = new Link(Link.Shapes.Line); sym[1].Connect(sym[1].CenterPort, link.TailPort); sym[2].Connect(link.HeadPort, sym[2].CenterPort); diagramComponent.Model.AppendChild(link); my problem is that when I come to draw the links, I do not know what sym[x] to reference, I only have the names given to the .Name property of the symbols. Can I programmatically refer to the symbol names, instead of their object name?

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RI Rich June 23, 2004 01:59 AM UTC

please ignore the switch statement in my example, i chopped my code down and forgot to remove it

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 25, 2004 11:58 AM UTC

Hi Richard, The Diagram''s model has a Model.Nodes property that returns a INodeCollection of all nodes that are present in the model. You can use this property to implement a utility function in your application that iterates the node collection, determines whether a particular node is a Symbol type and if so retrieves it after comparing it with the provided name. Prakash Syncfusion, Inc.

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