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no hit..

Hi I try to loop through a datagrid to see if the checkbox in the datagrid is selected using this code.. Public Function GetSelectedRows(ByVal dg As DataGrid) As System.Collections.ArrayList Dim al As New ArrayList Dim cm As CurrencyManager = Me.BindingContext(dg.DataSource, dg.DataMember) Dim dv As DataView = CType(cm.List, DataView) Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To dv.Count - 1 If dg.IsSelected(i) Then al.Add(i) Else al.Add("no hit no: " & i & vbCrLf) End If ''End Next Return al End Function ''GetSelectedRows Private Sub btnMakePDF_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnMakePDF.Click Dim s As String = ("Selected rows...." & vbCrLf) Dim o As Object For Each o In GetSelectedRows(MyDataGrid) s += " " + o.ToString() Next o MessageBox.Show(s) ''MessageBox.Show("Selected items....") End Sub ''button1_Click But it never indicate that a checkbox is selected even though I select checkboxes. What am I missing here? Regards Magnus

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