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Grid updating

Good day
The solutions has gave to me in other queries it works to me and thanks for them.

and now i have another querie, when update the grid for first time works fine but i try again doesn´t works and show errors on libraries of syncfusion and i don't know how fix it.

i can´t use the "foreing key adapthor" than cause problems to me with columns with autocomplete data and don´t grab me then values on fields and dont go to the function on server code that update on Webservice that use for uptade in my Database.

attach Code and video for demonstrate this case.

Thank you for your support, best regards.

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FS Farveen Sulthana Thameeztheen Basha Syncfusion Team January 6, 2020 12:49 PM UTC

Hi Alfonso, 

Thanks for contacting Syncfusion Support. 

We have checked your reported problem while using your code example when we use EditTemplate we need to save the Edited values using read function of the EditTemplate. But in your code example you doesn’t return any values while on Read action. 

Refer to the code example:- 

       function create() { 
            return $("<input>"); 
        function write(args) { 
            var proxy = args; 
            var record = args.data; 
            if (!args.element.closest("#gridEditForm").hasClass("e-waitingpopup")) 
                type: "POST", 
                url: "/Default.aspx/Data2", 
                dataType: "json", 
                contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8', 
                success: function (data) { 
                    var dropData = data.d; 
                        width: "100%", dataSource: dropData, emptyResultText: 'No hay sugerencias', enableAutoFill: false, highlightSearch: true, allowFiltering: true, filterType: "Contains", fields: { text: "text", key: "value" },  
                            multiColumnSettings: { 
                                      enable: true, showHeader: true, 
                                       stringFormat: "{0}", 
                                       width: "1000", 
                                        searchColumnIndices: [0, 1], 
                                        columns: [ 
                                             { "field": "Descripcion", "headerText": "Descripción" }, 
                         },value: proxy.rowdata.ShipCity,highlightSearch: true, watermarkText: "Select Product Code" 
        function read(args) { 
            args.ejAutocomplete('suggestionList').css('display', 'none'); 
            return args.ejAutocomplete("getValue"); 

Refer to the below KB Link:- 
Please ensure that you have followed the suggestion given above. Still facing issue, please get back to us with further details. 
Farveen sulthana T 

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