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RecurrenceEditorComponent - Style Change

Dear  Team,

We have a tried to apply e-outline cssClass to RecurrenceEditorComponent.

However, it doesn't applies any of the individual component.

And also, we tried the below code to do the same.
document.getElementById("RecurrenceEditor").querySelectorAll(".e-input-group").forEach(element => {
                if (!element.classList.contains('e-outline')) {                    

We need following items need to be change in RecurrenceEditorComponent.

     a) Remove the Never end option.
     b) Change the date format to dd-MMM-yyyy.

Could you please help on this.


3 Replies

VD Vinitha Devi Murugan Syncfusion Team December 30, 2019 09:29 AM UTC

Hi Sinchan, 
Syncfusion Greetings. 
We achieved your requirement by making use of rendereComplete event of recurrence editor and same can be available in below link 
Kindly try the sample and Please let us know if you need any further assistance on this.   
M.Vinitha devi 

SN Sinchan NIkam December 30, 2019 12:43 PM UTC

Dear Vinitha,

Thanks for the update.

However, this doesn't solve my purpose.

As I have placed the RecurrenceEditorComponent inside a dialog component, which will update the entire dialog children component class.

And I tried the below code and it working as expected.

Here, this.recObject refer to RecurrenceEditorComponent.

refresh = () => {
        try {
            if (this.recObject.endType.listData.length === 3) {
                this.recObject.endType.liCollections[0].style.display = "none"
                this.recObject.untilDateObj.format = "dd-MMM-yyyy"
                // this.recObject.untilDateObj.showClearButton=false
                this.recObject.untilDateObj.allowEdit = false
        } catch (error) {

    refreshElement(element) {
        if (typeof element.children !== 'undefined') {
            for (let i = 0i <= element.children.length - 1i++) {

                if (!element.children[i].classList.contains('e-outline') && element.children[i].classList.contains('e-input-group')) {
                if (element.children[i].classList.contains('e-date-icon'))
                    element.children[i].style.marginTop = "20px"

                if (element.children[i].classList.contains('e-repeat-content'))
                    element.children[i].style.marginBottom = "20px"



VD Vinitha Devi Murugan Syncfusion Team December 31, 2019 07:22 AM UTC

Hi Sinchan, 
We are happy that your issue has resolved at your end. 
Please keep in touch with us for further assistance. 
M.Vinitha devi 

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