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EllipsisCell Button

Hi, I am trying to use EllipsisCell Button from the cell Button sample. I copied the file(EllipsisCell.cs) and did set the “CellType” . It is not showing correct picture. The button is not Ellipsis style with three dots rather it is regural gray rectangle. Why it is not showing Ellipsis button with three dots? Do I need to set some other property? Please do reply! Thanks

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VI Vivek June 3, 2004 06:22 PM UTC

One more thing, I am doing this in PrepareViewStyleInfo event which is basically for each cell. Since I am doing one cell at a time I think it is way slow. Is there any place where I can do for a column or range of colums. It is really slow. Please find below the code: private void programGrid_PrepareViewStyleInfo(object sender, Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid.GridPrepareViewStyleInfoEventArgs e) { if (e.ColIndex == 3 || e.ColIndex == 4) { e.Style.CellType = "EllipsisText"; e.Style.CellTipText = "Edit"; e.Style.Text = "Test"; } e.Cancel = false; } And in form_load event programGrid.CellModels.Add("EllipsisText", new EllipsisCellModel(programGrid.Model)); Thanks

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 3, 2004 06:56 PM UTC

1) Check this line in your code from the EllipsisCell.cs file.. iconPainter = new GridIconPaint("CellButtons.", typeof(EllipsisCellButton).Assembly); The "CellButtons." listed there should be changed to the namespace for your project (where the resources are embedded). 2) Also make sure the bmp file is included in your project as a Embedded Resource. 3) If this is a GridControl, you can set these style properties in the FormLoad. To set them on a column, you can use grid.ColStyles. To set them on individual cells, you can set them on grid[row, col]. If it is a GridDataBoundGrid, then you can set them for columns using either the grid.GridBoundColumns collection, or the grid.Binder.InternalColumns collection. To set them cell by cell in a GridDataBoundGrid, you will have to use PrepareViewStyleInfo.

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 3, 2004 07:12 PM UTC

I can see now the dots but button style is still regular gray rectangular. How can I get this special Ellipsis style button? Please help me! Thanks

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 3, 2004 07:25 PM UTC

I am not sure what you are talking about??? Are you trying to get the XP button look? If so, is your operating system XP, and have you set grid.ThemeEnabled = true (like the CellButtons sample)?

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 4, 2004 06:20 PM UTC

Hi, No No, I am no talking about XP style button. I am sorry for any confusion. When I run sample EllipsisCell Button, button in cell are round edge button, button if I try to run my prototype it shows me rectangular button. I am sure I am doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out. Please help. Thanks

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team June 4, 2004 07:10 PM UTC

Sorry, my mistake working fine! thanks

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