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Editor Template Databinding / Hooks on Editing Events

For my custom event, I don't want the user to set an endTime, I want it to be calculated from other options selected.  Also the same thing with the Subject, I want the subject to be generated from the options selected. 

I'm guessing from what I have read in the documentation that the editorTemplate does NOT support vue?  So I can't use databinding ?

Or is there any hooks to to be able to set the endtime?  or when it saves?

Does it all have to be done in raw javascript?   So if I have no visual element for the endTime, do I needs to create some kind of hidden element and try and hook various update events and update the hidden element or something?

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KN Keith Nicholas September 11, 2019 12:02 AM UTC

as a followup question,  if I have to manipulate the endtime as "text", is there a time format function somewhere I can use to make sure the text is in the right format for the control?  I can guess the format and hardcode it, but I'm guessing there is functions somewhere that will do it for me.

KK Karthigeyan Krishnamurthi Syncfusion Team September 11, 2019 10:19 AM UTC

Hi Keith, 
Syncfusion greetings. 
We have prepared the editor template sample to programmatically calculate the end time using actionBegin event. 
onActionBegin:function(args) { 
if (args.requestType==="eventCreate"||args.requestType==="eventChange") { 
if (args.requestType==="eventCreate") { 
 } elseif (args.requestType==="eventChange") { 
radioObj.forEach((radio) => { 
if (myRadioObj.checked) { 
data.EndTime.setMinutes(data.EndTime.getMinutes() +parseInt(myRadioObj.value)); 
Scheduler accepts ISO string format and internally convert to Date format. 
        "Id": 2, 
        "Subject": "Thule Air Crash Report", 
        "Location": "Newyork City", 
        "StartTime": "2019-01-07T06:30:00.000Z", 
        "EndTime": "2019-01-07T08:30:00.000Z", 
        "CategoryColor": "#357cd2" 

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