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Maps Marker issues (not plotting all points and points are offset)


I just updated to .NET Core Preview 9 and it seems to have broken the map marker functionality.
Prior to updating I was running Preview 8 and all points were plotting fine.
But since the update I've noticed two issues:

1) Not all points are displaying
2) Points displayed are not plotted in the correct location on the map (seems offset)

Please see the attachments for more details.

Thank you!

PS. As a test, here is the list of points I used:

    private List<City> cities = new List<City> {
        new City {latitude=42.4645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Farmington, MI"},
        new City {latitude=42.5645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.1 deg"},
        new City {latitude=42.6645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.2 deg"},
        new City {latitude=42.7645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.3 deg"},
        new City {latitude=42.8645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.4 deg"},
        new City {latitude=42.9645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.5 deg"},
        new City {latitude=43.0645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.6 deg"},
        new City {latitude=43.1645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.7 deg"},
        new City {latitude=43.2645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.8 deg"},
        new City {latitude=43.3645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.9 deg"},
        new City {latitude=43.4645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 1.0 deg"}

Attachment: GPS_Marker_issues_2dd9e2df.zip

6 Replies

AR Arun Raji Syncfusion Team September 9, 2019 11:31 AM UTC

Hi Sorin,  
Sorry for the inconvenience. 
We have analyzed your queries and we can able to reproduce the reported issue at our end. Marker is not proper while enabling animation and marker is placed at the wrong position. So, we will consider this as bug from our side and will resolve it in our upcoming Blazor patch release, which is rolled out on or before 17th September 2019. Kindly follow the below feedback portal link for status and more information about the issue.  
Let us know if you have any concern. 

BP Baby Palanidurai Syncfusion Team October 1, 2019 05:32 AM UTC

Hi Sorin, 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We have resolved your reported issue in our latest Blazor package release. We have deprecated our current package to Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor from Syncfusion.EJ2.AspNet.Core.RazorComponents. You can use the latest ( Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor NuGet package version and updated interop CDN file to get rid of the reported issue. 

Kindly revert us, if you have any concerns. 


SO Sorin November 3, 2019 11:32 PM UTC

Hello Baby,

Thank you for the reply!
When I use the Package and updated CDN file, the issue is fixed!
However when I update the package and CDN file for Version the issue happens again.
Is it possible that the fix was not carried over to the later version?

Thank you,

AR Arun Raji Syncfusion Team November 4, 2019 09:39 AM UTC

Hi Sorin, 
We have analyzed your scenario and able to replicate the issue at our end. And we have fixed the issue in our source and prepared a custom package for you. The package will be published on the upcoming blazor patch release, which will be expected to be rolled out on or before 15th November 2019. Until then, please refer to the below script file in your project and ensure that the markers are placed fine or not. Also, we have given a code snippet and blazor project below for your reference. 
Code snippet –  
<script src="~/manual_script/ej2.min.js"></script>  // refer this script in below project 
<MapsMarker Visible='true' DataSource='@MarkerDataSource1' Height='20' Width='20' 
            AnimationDuration='0' Shape='Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Maps.MarkerType.Balloon'> 
@code { 
    public List<MapMarker> MarkerDataSource1 = new List<MapMarker> { 
        new MapMarker { latitude=35.145083, longitude=-117.960260, city= "Californiya"}, 
        new MapMarker { latitude=40.724546, longitude=-73.850344, city="New York"}, 
        new MapMarker { latitude= 41.657782, longitude=-91.533857, city="Iowa"} 
<MapsMarker Visible='true' DataSource='@MarkerDataSource' Height='20' Width='20' 
            AnimationDuration='0' Shape='Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Maps.MarkerType.Balloon'> 
@code { 
    public List<MapMarker> MarkerDataSource = new List<MapMarker> { 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.4645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Farmington, MI"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.5645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.1 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.6645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.2 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.7645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.3 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.8645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.4 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=42.9645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.5 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=43.0645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.6 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=43.1645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.7 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=43.2645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.8 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=43.3645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 0.9 deg"}, 
        new MapMarker {latitude=43.4645,longitude=-83.3763, city="Plus 1.0 deg"} 
Let us know, if you have any other concern. 

SO Sorin November 5, 2019 12:57 PM UTC

Hello Arun,

Thank you, with the manual script I am able to plot the points correctly even with the latest Syncfusion package version!

AR Arun Raji Syncfusion Team November 6, 2019 05:30 AM UTC

Hi Sorin,  
Most welcome. 
Please revert us, if you have any other concerns. We are always happy to assist you. 

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