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Can't edit Empty cells or Cells that numeric

First serious application using the GridGroupingControl.  I put this control on the page, spent a couple of days getting the data and the look...and then tried to get the editing working.  Yes, editing is enabled for everything and everyplace I could find.

As for text fields I have an "Address1" and "Address2" field.  Identical in every way for both looks and settings.  I populate it from my query.  If I click in the populated Address1 field I can edit to my hearts content.  If I click in the empty Address2 field, nothing.  Can't type, can't insert spaces, nothing.

Then I got to my Zipcode, Phone and Fax fields.  Zipcode populated with a 5 digit zip - nada.  I can click in it but can't edit, can't delete, can't change.  Same for my phone and fax fields regardless if they are empty or not. 

  • text fields with data are fine
  • text fields that are empty are hosed
  • numeric fields are hosed.
Next step was, "Well, maybe I have something screwed up in my setting that I did".  So I dropped a brand new GridGroupingControl on the page and populated with with the same data.  I didn't change, or even look at, any of the properties.  Plain, straight from the toolbox control

Did the same thing.  Column with text I could work with.  Empty text column or numeric fields were locked.  No entering, no nothing.

I am at a loss on this after 3 days and just can't believe it's this hard to use this control.  What setting or parameter or whatever am I missing that is keeping me from editing an empty text column or a column with numbers?

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JP Jagadeesan Pichaimuthu Syncfusion Team July 18, 2019 12:54 PM UTC

Hi Mike, 
Thanks for using Syncfusion products. 
We suspect that you are taking the list as anonymous type while retrieving the data through queries and it will be a read only property when the type is anonymous. So that, the cell values may not be editing. The following MSDN documentation explains the same.  
Anonymous types provide a convenient way to encapsulate a set of read-only properties into a single object without having to explicitly define a type first. In order to avoid this read-only problem we suggest you to use a type to convert the list which enables to edit the cells. Please make use of the below code, 
Code example 
// Follwing will work since Type specified  
var lista = (from q in ds.OrdersListDetails  
            orderby q.ShipCountry  
            select new OrderInfo  
                CustomerID = q.CustomerID,  
                OrderDate = q.OrderDate,  
                ProductName = q.ProductName,  
                UnitPrice = q.UnitPrice,  
                ShipCountry = q.ShipCountry,  
                SampleData = q.SampleData  
Please let us know, if we misunderstood your requirement. 

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