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Error Tap / Click

Hi, I'm having a problem with the sfrotator when he has only one item and he clicks or tap to rotate the app crash

            SfRotator sfRotator = new SfRotator()
                HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
                VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
                BindingContext = ViewModel,
                SelectedDotColor = Color.FromHex("#5E95AE"),
                DotsBorderColor = Color.FromHex("#5E95AE"),
                NavigationDirection = NavigationDirection.Horizontal,
                NavigationStripMode = NavigationStripMode.Dots,
                BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent,
                NavigationStripPosition = NavigationStripPosition.Bottom,
                ItemTemplate = itemTemplate,
                EnableSwiping = true,

            sfRotator.SetBinding(SfRotator.ItemsSourceProperty, "SelectedData");
            sfRotator.SetBinding(SfRotator.IsVisibleProperty, "IsNotBusy");

04-20 15:38:34.561 I/Choreographer(26060): Skipped 51 frames!  The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
04-20 15:38:34.574 W/View    (26060): requestLayout() improperly called by md51558244f76c53b6aeda52c8a337f2c37.ScrollViewContainer{5f9ce9f V.E...... ......ID 0,0-644,877} during layout: running second layout pass
Unhandled Exception:


3 Replies

RS Ruba Shanmugam Syncfusion Team April 22, 2019 09:41 AM UTC

Hi Alejandro,

Greetings from Syncfusion.

We have tried reproducing the issue at our end as per your code snippet having only one item in the Rotator and we are not sure with the issue you have faced. Can you please modify the sample that we have provided to get the exact scenario and also in your update the stack trace is not given fully. Can you please provide us the complete stack trace that you have obtained which will be helpful in reproducing the issue and we will resolve it at the earliest.


Ruba Shanmugam 

IA Idabet Alejandro April 23, 2019 01:11 AM UTC

Hello I can play it if I leave the code you sent and change the parameter EnableSwiping to true the application stops when clicking or tapped

 rotator.ItemTemplate = itemTemplate;
            rotator.ItemsSource = ImageCollection;
            rotator.NavigationStripPosition = NavigationStripPosition.Bottom;
            rotator.NavigationStripMode = NavigationStripMode.Dots;
            rotator.NavigationDirection = NavigationDirection.Horizontal;
            rotator.IsVisible = true;
            rotator.EnableSwiping = true;
            this.Content = rotator;


          my solution will be and if someone else needs it

            sfRotator.SetBinding(SfRotator.EnableSwipingProperty, "IsEnableSwiping");

RS Ruba Shanmugam Syncfusion Team April 23, 2019 04:15 AM UTC

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for the update.

We are glad that your issue has been resolved by setting the EnableSwiping property. We will make sure there is no errors when not setting the EnableSwiping in our future releases.

Please let us know if you have any concern.

Ruba Shanmugam. 

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