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How to use SyncFusion Dashboard for multiple consumers on the same server?

We have approximately 150 consumers and we've installed SyncFusion Dashboard on a single Amazon AWS server. So we have 150 databases on the same server for 150 different consumers. Indicator panels are the same for all consumers and what changes is just the database
and therefore would like to know how to create panels with indicators and replicate to the 150 consumers? If I use the export and import option of I manually make 150 consumers? I would like to know if I have to create a single dashboard and only change the database per consumer when I see the dashboards? How can I avoid replicating each panel change for the 150 consumers?

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RN Renuka N Syncfusion Team April 15, 2019 08:40 AM

Thanks for contacting Syncfusion support. 
We can create a single dashboard for all the 150 consumers and only modify datasource in the dashboard based on consumer using shared datasource and user groups in Dashboard server. You can view the dashboard with the  consumer’s datasource while login with consumer details in dashboard server. Please follow the steps to achieve your requirement. 
  1. Create users and groups for your consumers , then assign user to the groups in User Management Server.  We can assign a datasource to a group, users in the group can view the data.  Refer the below links for details
  1. To show created users and groups created in the User Management Server with Dashboard server enable the allow access in User Management Server.
  1. Create a dashboard with a datasource and assign the dashboard to all users, refer the below link to assign permission to user.
We can also assign permission to user through api, please refer the below link 
  1. Now, add consumer’s database in dashboard server by following the link.
NOTE: Consumer database should be a different database, table’s names and Column names in the database should be identical with designed dashboard’s datasource. 
  1. After adding the database, you can view the databases under “Datasources” section.
  1. Now assign user groups to view the datasource by following the below link,
  1. We can update the datasource alone for a dashboard by using shared datasource. Please refer the below link to update datasource to a group.
For example, I have updated a datasource of “Testing” group to this datasource. 
Now, users in the group “Testing” can view the datasource(“DataSoucre2 , DataSource20”) in the dashboard while login with the user details in dashboard server. Likewise you have to assign for your each consumer group with their datasource.  
You can assign the datasource through api also, refer the below link. 
Please let us know, if you have any queries. 
Renuka N. 

MC MAURI CESAR DENGO April 15, 2019 11:44 AM

Thanks for the answers and we will continue to do the SyncDashboard tests.

RN Renuka N Syncfusion Team April 16, 2019 01:40 AM

Hi Mauri, 

Thanks for your update. 

We will wait until get reply from you. 

Renuka N. 

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