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master-child-grandchild datagrids not working for me.

In the FAQ on this site, the procedures for building a triple layer relationship between grids is detailed. I''m building something that deperately needs this functionality, but I cant seem to make it work. First, the tables are the exact tables from the Northwind database. (Categories, Products, Suppliers) I''ve got these tables in a Dataset in memory, and I have added relationships as follows: MyDS.Relations.Add("ProductsToCategories",MyDS.Tables["Categories"].Columns["CategoryID"],MyDS.Tables["Products"].Columns["CategoryID"]); MyDS.Add("ProductsToSuppliers",MyDS.Tables["Suppliers"].Columns["SupplierID"],MyDS.Tables["Products"].Columns["SupplierID"]); Here is how I bind the grids: CategoryGrid.DataSource = gate.ShogunDataSet.Tables["ProductCategories"]; this.CategoryGrid.AllowNavigation=false; mf.SetProgressValue(80); MyDS.DataSource = MyDS.Tables["ProductCategories"]; this.ProductGrid.DataMember = "ProductsToCategories"; this.ProductGrid.AllowNavigation=false; mf.SetProgressValue(90); this.SuppliersGrid.DataSource = gate.ShogunDataSet.Tables["ProductCategories"]; this.SuppliersGrid.DataMember = "ProductsToCategories.ProductToSuppliers"; this.SuppliersGrid.AllowNavigation=false;

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AK akilhoffer May 19, 2004 08:19 PM UTC

Sorry, I sent that last message before I could finish stripping out irrelevent code and replacing the object names ,shogundataset, with MyDS. Also, the table name "ProductCategories" is actually "Categories". Is that too confusing? I apologize for making it so complicating! Thanks in advance for any input!

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