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How to print the custom report in ASP.NET MVC Grid

Hi guys,

I'm using VS2017, Syncfusion JS2 components, EF6, MVC5.
I tryed to follow your example "Sample1357381980" but it is for JS1, so it doesn't work in my environment. 

I need to print some reports wich will contain non tabular data. Please see bellow:
Scenario one is:
a - users will select a register in a child grid and press a print button

b - MVC5 web application has to print current order data and the selected related register (basic client/order/quotation relationship) to a report which should look like the following picture:

Question: Whatis the best way to achieve that?

Scenario two:
a - consider now the user selecting a register in the main grid which contains related orders registers (1:N relationship);
b - MVC5 web application has to print current order data and the selected related registers to a custom report as shown in the picture above.

Question 2: How to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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TS Thavasianand Sankaranarayanan Syncfusion Team December 3, 2018 09:03 AM UTC

Hi Vanderlei, 

Query #1 & #2: What is the best way to achieve that? How to do it? 

We have analyzed your query and we can achieve your requirement by enabling the grid internal event printGrid-Init to print the selected records and beforePrint to add custom content in the printing sheet. In the below sample, using grid.on method we have bind the printGrid-Init event in the grid and in the beforePrint event, we have prepend a custom div element to the grid. Please refer to the below sample for your reference, 

Code Example:  

var childGrid = new ej.grids.Grid({ 
            dataSource: new ej.data.DataManager({ 
                url: "/Home/UrlDatasource/", 
                insertUrl: "/Home/Insert/", 
                updateUrl: "/Home/Update/", 
                removeUrl: "/Home/Remove/", 
                adaptor: new CustomAdaptor() 
            load: function (args) { 
                this.query = new ej.data.Query().where("contatos.EmployeeID", "equal", rowData['EmployeeID']); 
                this.on('printGrid-Init', function (args) { args.printgrid.dataSource = this.getSelectedRecords(); }); 
           selectionSettings: { type: 'Multiple' }, 
            beforePrint: (args) => { 
                var customElem = document.createElement('div'); 
                customElem.innerHTML = "<h1>Required custom content here</h1>"; 

Please get back to us for further assistance. 

Thavasianand S. 

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