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activate the cell

Is there any way so that when i click on a cell that the cell is just highlighted like excel does? Right now no matter which activatecurrentcellbehavior i have just clicking on a cell once will put u in some sort of edit mode. Either selecting all the currency cell data or positioning the cursor or whatever. If I use the arrow keys and move around the grid it works like excel where it highlights the cell and if u type ur able to but its not in an active edit mode. You have to double click in excel to get in the edit mode and i''m trying to mimic that feature. Is this possible. We are trying to do this on a non data bound grid with currency cells Thanks

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 30, 2004 11:26 AM UTC

Using the, I do not see this problem in the sample below. Do you? Setting the ActivateCurrentCell behavior to None or DoubleClick seems to work as expected. forumCurrency_995.zip

PB Philip Bishop April 30, 2004 12:34 PM UTC

hey i couldnt make ur sample work..we are using 2003 now and urs was in 2002. so i copied ur code to a sample of mine...yes that will allow me to click on the cell and not go into edit mode which is what we want..but the other half of what i asked was to make it like excel where clicking it highlights it and allows u to type in a non edit mode...but if i double click it, it does nothing. we want the double click to be like excel and then take the user into active edit mode. so clicking once highlights like what u sent me does in my sample using ur code and double clicking will take them in to active edit mode. is this possible? Thanks Phil

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 30, 2004 01:58 PM UTC

We normally ship 2002 project since normally VisStu can just convert them when you try to load them. Looks like the doubleclick activatecurrentcell setting is not ''taking'' when you click on a currency cell. I will log this so we can get it fixed. Until we do, one this you can do is to handle the CellDoubleClick event and activate the cell there. Private Sub GridControl1_CellDoubleClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridCellClickEventArgs) Handles GridControl1.CellDoubleClick If Not Me.GridControl1.CurrentCell.IsEditing Then Me.GridControl1.CurrentCell.BeginEdit() End If End Sub

PB Philip Bishop April 30, 2004 03:19 PM UTC

thanx clay. i also pasted this link in a direct trac so i could be notified when its fixed. as far as the visual studio 2002 vs 2003 i figured out what was happening. i learned today that if u open a 2002 in 2003 by clicking its solution file in windows explorer it will automatically open it in 2002 which was what was happening to me. If u click on its VBPROJ file however in windows expolorer it will open 2003 and tell u to convert. I didnt know that. I usually click the proj file. Thanks Phil

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