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Determining Cell Image click?

Is there a way to determine that the user has clicked on a cell's image? Also, a nice thing to have would be to be able to supply some positioning information for the image as with the standard MS Label control, maybe. Regards Kai Iske

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SH Stefan Hoenig Syncfusion Team October 18, 2002 10:57 AM UTC

Hi Kay, thanks for the suggestion. We'll add such a property. We'll also add a ImageClicked event to make it easier to detect a click on the image. Here is what you can do now: [C#] protected override void OnCellClick(GridCellClickEventArgs e) { GridControlBase grid = this; Point pt = new Point(e.MouseEventArgs.X, e.MouseEventArgs.Y); GridStyleInfo style = grid.Model[e.RowIndex, e.ColIndex]; GridCellRendererBase renderer = grid.CellRenderers[style.CellType]; GridCellLayout layout = renderer.GetCellLayout(e.RowIndex, e.ColIndex, style); bool clickedOnImage = (!layout.TextRectangle.Contains(pt) && layout.ClientRectangle.Contains(pt)); if (clickedOnImage) { MessageBox.Show(" Clicked on bitmap "); } else base.OnCellClick(e); } [VB] protected override void OnCellClick(GridCellClickEventArgs e) { Dim grid As GridControlBase = Me Dim pt As Point = New Point(e.MouseEventArgs.X,e.MouseEventArgs.Y) Dim style As GridStyleInfo = grid.Model(e.RowIndex,e.ColIndex) Dim renderer As GridCellRendererBase = grid.CellRenderers(style.CellType) Dim layout As GridCellLayout = renderer.GetCellLayout(e.RowIndex,e.ColIndex,style) Dim s As String = "" Dim clickedOnImage As Boolean = (Not lay.TextRectangle.Contains(pt) And lay.ClientRectangle.Contains(pt)) if (clickedOnImage) { MessageBox.Show(" Clicked on bitmap ") } else MyBase.OnCellClick(e) } Stefan

KI Kai Iske October 21, 2002 05:39 AM UTC

Thanks Stefan, that solves it for now. Regards Kai Iske

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