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Autocomplete Multi column using tag helpers is not working

     Autocomplete multi column using taghelpers is not working i think there is an issues in e-multicolumnsettings string format i have enclosed my design coding 
please guide me to overcome this issues..

    <ej-autocomplete id="search2" filter-type="Contains" highlight-search="true" show-rounded-corner="true" enable-auto-fill="true"
     enable-distinct="true" show-popup-button="true" watermark-text="enter country name" items-count="20" min-character="2"
     width="150" popup-width="500px" popup-height="250px" show-reset-icon="true" visible="true">
        <e-multicolumnsettings show-header="true" enable="true" string-format="{0} ({1})">
            <e-columns field="CountryName" header-text="Country Name" />
            <e-columns field="CountryId" header-text="ID" />
            <e-columns field="FkSector" header-text="Sectors" />
            <e-columns field="LastUpdate" header-text="Updated On" />
        <e-datamanager adaptor="UrlAdaptor" url="/AgentMaster/SelectCountry" key="CountryId"></e-datamanager>
        <e-autocomplete-fields key="CountryId" text="CountryName" />

if i remove string-format and update like string-format="{0}" the event of this method are firing and getting field names are null
please help to overcome this issues..
need an sting format and how to populate  values..
I have attached my sample project please review

Thanks & Regards,

Attachment: ebmsSyncFDemo_158b15c1.rar

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AP Arun Palaniyandi Syncfusion Team February 2, 2017 09:29 AM UTC

Hi Rarmlith,   
Thanks for contacting Syncfusion Support.   
We were also able to reproduce the mentioned issue. Instead of using the tag helper for Autocomplete MultiColumnSettings, you have to define the MultiColumnSettings object using the CSHTML Razor syntax and set it to multi-column-settings property. Right now, please use this workaround solution for using the multicolumn option in the Autocomplete.   
        @{ Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models.MultiColumnSettings setting = newSyncfusion.JavaScript.Models.MultiColumnSettings();   
            setting.Enable = true;   
            setting.StringFormat = "({0} {1})";   
            Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models.Columns cols = newSyncfusion.JavaScript.Models.Columns();   
            cols.Field = "CountryName";   
            cols.FilterType = FilterOperatorType.Contains; // use this filter type in columns   
            cols.Type = ColumnType.String;   
            cols.HeaderText = "Name";   
            Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models.Columns cols1 = newSyncfusion.JavaScript.Models.Columns();   
            cols1.Field = "CountryId";                // use this filter type in columns   
            cols1.FilterType = FilterOperatorType.Contains;   
            cols1.Type = ColumnType.String;   
            cols1.HeaderText = "ID";   
                colslist = new List<Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models.Columns>   
            setting.Columns = colslist;   
<ej-autocomplete id="search2" filter-type="Contains" highlight-search="true" show-rounded-corner="true" enable-auto-fill="true" datasource="(System.Collections.IEnumerable)ViewBag.datasource"enable-distinct="true" show-popup-button="true" watermark-text="enter country name" multi-column-settings="@setting"width="400" show-reset-icon="true" visible="true" >   
            <e-autocomplete-fields key="CountryId" text="CountryName" />   
We have provided a simple sample below for your convenience. 
Please let us know if you have any further queries.   
Arun P.   

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