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Units of offsetX / offsetY for nodes

When dropping a node onto a swimlane, the new node has pixel values for offsetX/offsetY (I assume). When comparing the node position with a already on a swimlane-lane placed node, these offsets do not match. The node already on the swimlane has offsetX/offsetY in values of SNAP units (I assume).

Is there a possibility to compare the positions of these nodes or to get the swimlane-lane and phase the moved node is dropped on?

Is there a documentation about the units of offset and margin units?

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SG Shyam G Syncfusion Team January 24, 2017 11:04 AM UTC

Hi Dirk, 

By default, the units of nodes offset and margins are a pixel. The node which is rendered at the initial rendering will not get snapped and the node which is dropped onto a diagram at runtime will get snapped. For example, the node which you rendered at the initial rendering with offset(offsetX:147,offsetY:150) will be rendered at the same position and the node which you drop on a diagram with offset(offsetX:147,offsetY:150) gets snapped and rendered at position(offsetX:150,offsetY:150). So please provide us more details such as which element do you need to compare it or provide us an exact use case of your requirement 

Shyam G 

DR Dirk Reuschling January 26, 2017 09:39 AM UTC

Hi Shyam,

I am dragging a node in a diagram with swimlanes. I want to check the following things:
  • whether the dragged node is over an existing node (this should be forbidden).
  • on which lane the dragged is positioned
  • which nodes are left and right of the dragged node (to connect them automatically in the drag completed handler when they are in the preceding/following phase)
The coordinates of the nodes have the following differences:
- the existing nodes have offsets relative to the lanes (a node on the second lane has offsetY 0)
- the dragged node has offsets relative to the diagram 

So how can I get the information I need?


SG Shyam G Syncfusion Team January 27, 2017 01:27 PM UTC

Hi Dirk, 
Could you please provide us an essential studio version that you are using at your end. so that we can validate it further and provide a better solution. 
Shyam G 

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