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Panning does not work when using shape files

I tried to load some shape files downloaded from OpenStreetMap, with LayoutTile = Tile. But when I zoomed in to level 3, and tried to pan around, the panning behaved erratically. I can't pan to the right. I had to zoom out again and zoom in again. Sometimes the map just jumped around when I pan (on deeper zoom level).

I've attached the test project.

Second issue: The ShowCoords property shows the LatLong on the upper right corner, but it doesn't really update.

Attachment: TestProject_862664dc.zip

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UN Unknown Syncfusion Team November 15, 2016 07:28 AM UTC

Third issue: The SfMap.Pan(x, y) method also doesn't work correctly. I gave Latitude and Longitude numbers for x and y respectively, but it didn't pan to the correct position.

UN Unknown Syncfusion Team November 15, 2016 09:01 AM UTC

Another issue I have: Why is zooming seems to be non-linear when I use ShapeFileLayer as source? On coarse zoom levels (1-5), i can zoom pretty quick, but on finer zoom levels (5+), it gets slower and slower to zoom to city/street level (I cannot really zoom in to street level).

This is not the case if I use OSM ImageryLayer. I see the world on zoom level 1. On zoom level 15 I'm already at street level.
When I use ShapeFileLayer (e.g. only the Isle of Man). I see the whole island on zoom level 1. On zoom level 80+ I'm still not that close to street level.

MV Mohana V Syncfusion Team November 15, 2016 12:46 PM UTC

Hi Erik,

We have created a separate incident for further follow up's about “Panning does not work when using shape files” under your Direct-trac login account.


Mohana V

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