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ej.core.js function definition order breaks in lazily loaded scripts + fix


I generated a script that includes ejSpreadsheet using the custom script generator. When including it statically using a script tag in an HTML file it worked fine, but when lazily loading it from JS code (creating a script element, setting its src attribute and appending it to the document body) it failed on wd.init is not a function. When debugging it turned out that in the case of lazily loaded script, the function that calls wd.init() runs before wd.init is defined (because it's wrapped in a shorthand of "document ready" callback $(function(){...}), and the document is already ready then). I moved wd.init and the functions it calls to before that function and that resolved the issue. The order of function definitions that worked for me is:

  1. findElements + initControls
  2. checkUnobtrusive
  3. wd.init
  4. $(function () {...})

the complete rearranged code chunk is:

    var initControls = function (controls, op, name, proto, map, dir) {

        var types = proto.dataTypes, len = controls.length;

        for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) {

            var control = controls.eq(i), model = {};

            iterateAndSetModel(model, readAttributes(control, op, name), map, types);




    var findElements = function (name, op, el, proto) {

        var query = [], controlName = name.replace("ej", '').toLowerCase(), res = {};

        if (op.dataRole === true) {

            query.push("[data-role='" + name.toLowerCase() + "']");


        if (op.ejRole === true) {

            query.push("[ej-" + controlName + "]");


        res["role"] = el.find(query.join(','));

        if (op.directive === true) {

            res["directive"] = findAndChangeTag(el.find(controlName), (proto.validTags && proto.validTags[0]) || "div", controlName, el);


        return res;


    var checkUnobtrusive = function (name, proto, op, el) {

        var controls = findElements(name, op, el, proto), map = propMaps[name];

        if (((controls.role && controls.role.length) || (controls.directive && controls.directive.length)) && !map) {

            propMaps[name] = map = generatePropMap(proto.defaults);

            if (proto._unobtrusive)

                $.extend(true, map, proto._unobtrusive);


        initControls(controls.role, op, name, proto, map);

        if (controls.directive)

            initControls(controls.directive, op, name, proto, map, true);


    wd.init = function (element) {

        if (!element) element = $(document);

        else element = element.jquery ? element : $(element);

        var widgets = wd.registeredWidgets;

        for (var name in widgets) {

            checkUnobtrusive(widgets[name].name, widgets[name].proto, options, element);



    $(function () {

        var ds = $(document.body).data();

        options.ejRole = ds.hasOwnProperty("ejrole") ? readBoolAttr(ds, "ejrole") : options.ejRole;

        options.directive = ds.hasOwnProperty("directive") ? readBoolAttr(ds, "directive") : options.directive;

        if (options.ejRole !== true && options.directive !== true) options.dataRole = true;

        options.dataRole = ds.hasOwnProperty("datarole") ? readBoolAttr(ds, "datarole") : options.dataRole;

        if (options.ejRole !== true && options.dataRole !== true && options.directive !== true)


        wd.autoInit = ds.hasOwnProperty("autoinit") ? readBoolAttr(ds, "autoinit") : true;

        if (wd.autoInit !== true)


        var query = [], el;

        if (options.dataRole === true)


        if (options.ejRole === true)


        el = $(query.join(','));

        if (!el.length) el = $(document);



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SK Shanmugaraja K Syncfusion Team August 29, 2016 10:44 AM UTC

Hi Gabrial, 

We have considered this “ej.unobtrusive.js function definition order breaks in lazily loaded scripts” as an issue and a support incident has been created under your account to track the status of this requirement. Please log on to our support website to check for further updates. 

Shanmugaraja K 

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