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Grid Localization

I'm using this code to change text in footer.
What ever I do it's always in english.
ej.Grid.Pager["hr-HR"] = {
pagerInfo: "{0} od {1} stranice ({2} stavaka)",
firstPageTooltip: "Na prvu stranicu",
lastPageTooltip: "Na zadnju stranicu",
nextPageTooltip: "Sljedeća stranica",
previousPageTooltip: "Prethodna stranica"

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MS Mani Sankar Durai Syncfusion Team June 14, 2016 06:19 AM UTC

Hi Hrvoje, 
We have analyzed your code and found that the cause of an issue is you have set the localization for pager text as “ej.Grid.Pager["hr-HR"]” instead of “ej.Pager.Locale["hr-HR"]“.  So we suggest you to set the localization for the footer as “ej.Pager.Locale["hr-HR"]“ which will helps to change the text according to the given locale in grid. 
Please refer the below code example, 
<script src="../scripts/ej.web.all.min.js"></script> 
<script src="../scripts/cultures/ej.culture.hr-HR.min.js"></script>  //scripts to be referred for localization. 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
    ej.Pager.Locale["hr-HR"] = { 
        pagerInfo: "{0} od {1} stranice ({2} stavaka)", 
        firstPageTooltip: "Na prvu stranicu", 
        lastPageTooltip: "Na zadnju stranicu", 
        nextPageTooltip: "Sljedeća stranica", 
        previousPageTooltip: "Prethodna stranica" 
    $(function () { 
            // the datasource "window.gridData" is referred from jsondata.min.js 
            dataSource: window.gridData, 
            allowPaging: true, 
            allowGrouping: true, 
            groupSettings: { enableDropAreaAnimation: false }, 
            locale: "hr-HR", 
            columns: [ 
For your convenience we have prepared a sample that can be available from the below link, 
Also please refer the following online sample and the help document for the grid localization, 
Please let us know if you would require any further assistance. 
Manisankar Durai. 

HV Hrvoje Voda June 14, 2016 06:44 AM UTC

I see in example that you are using globalize.culture.hr-HR.min.js .
Where can I download it?
Without that script it still not working.

HV Hrvoje Voda June 14, 2016 07:19 AM UTC

Actualy, that script is not important.
I put everything like in your sample and it still doesnt  work.
Am I missing something?

HV Hrvoje Voda June 14, 2016 07:29 AM UTC

I guess I solved the problem.
I had 
   $scope.toolbar = { showToolbar: true, toolbarItems: ["add", "edit", "delete", "update", "cancel"] }; 
in my script code.
When I remove it, it worked.

GV Gowthami V Syncfusion Team June 15, 2016 04:06 PM UTC

Hi Hrvoje, 

If you are not using toolbarSettings then there no need to use the code mentioned. 

Please share us full code example which is used for rendering the grid and Site.Master page where you have referred the script files which will help us to analyze the cause of the issue and provide you the response as early as possible. 


Gowthami V. 

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