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Report Viewer does not display any data

I created a report using OData datasource on SSRS server with the help of 3rd party driver. Report returns data successfully on the server. I am using the server credentials and data source credentials in my ASP.Net MVC C# code. Report viewer is showing only header data but not table data. What am I missing here?

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NB Nithya B Syncfusion Team May 5, 2015 12:51 PM UTC

Hi Sreelakshmi,

Thanks for using Syncfusion Products.

We don’t have problem to run the report ODBC Data Source in ReportViewer. We suspect that the data’s returned as empty, due to failed in connecting to datasource using the provided datasource connection string. So we request you to ensure the connection string and credentials provided for ODBC datasource. If you are using the datasource as shared datasource then we must provide the credential to the shared datasource as shown below.







If the testing environment different than (where you are running sample) ReportServer environment (SSRS configured system) then you must have access to retrieve the data source from testing environment. If you still face any issues, could you please share your report definition, Datasource and ReportServer information with us, it will be helpful for us to provide a solution earlier.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


SR Sreelakshmi May 6, 2015 02:16 PM UTC

Hi Nithya,

I am already giving the data source credentials exactly the way you provided in your response. That is why I am able to connect to the data source without any problem. Please see below:

I installed CData OData Ado.Net Provider from "http://www.cdata.com/drivers/odata/ado/" on SSRS configured server and built my reports to use odata data source using the below configurations:
Datasource Properties --> "Use a connection embedded in my report", Select connection type: "CData OData Report" (this is a driver shown after installing the driver from above website), Connection string: : "Auth Scheme=BASIC; Url=http://<Server-Name>/<Project-Name>/odata". Connect using "Credential supplied by the user running the report".

Now, the report works fine on browser. I am using Syncfusion to get this report working in Visual studio. Syncfusion returns the report with only header rows but now table data.
For example, my report in browser looks like image 1: (Header rows with table data is displayed)
And the report in Syncfusion Report Viewer looks like image 2: (Only Header rows displayed)

How to view table data in Syncfusion report Viewer?

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NB Nithya B Syncfusion Team May 7, 2015 04:04 PM UTC

Hi Sreelakshmi,

Thanks for your update.

SSRS Report Manager works fine with the help of SSRS Extension by using configured CData assembly. But, we have implemented our control independent of SSRS Extension, so that was not rendered in ReportViewer. When we provide the ReportServerURL to ReportViewer, we will retrieve the reports related information only (RDL Report, SharedDataSource and ShareDataSet) from Reporting Server to process the report.

For Data source processing, ReportViewer internally makes use of .NET Framework assemblies to connect to the data sources. As of now, we can use the data sources in ReportViewer which can be supported by .NET Framework. To resolve this limitation, we have planned to provide data source extension support in ReportViewer as like SSRS and we will provide this feature in our any upcoming release.

Please letus know if you have any queries.


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