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Syncfusion.Calculate.CalcEngine.ComputeQuartile() giving issue when calling in loop.

I am trying to calculate Mean & Quartiles by using Syncfusion dll (Ver:12.4400.0.24) 

my code is like this for Quartile 

public  string CalculateQuartile(Syncfusion.CalcSheet oSheet,int QuartileSeq)

Syncfusion.Calculate.CalcEngine engine = new Syncfusion.Calculate.CalcEngine(oSheet);
resultQ = engine.ComputeQuartile("A1:B4," + QuartileSeq);

return resultQ;

//same function is calling 3 time, to calculate Q1,Q2 and Q3 for each chart data.

it gives me proper result when it called for first chart data sheet.
but when it called for 2nd 3rd and so on chart's data sheet, it gives following result
"wrong number of arguments"
before calling calculate all 3 quartile, i am calling CalculateMean Function, it gives me mean properly every time.

i tried many thing but did not get success.
i am sure it must be related to reset the engine settings or old data, can you please help me to resolve it. 

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VK Vinish Kumar K Syncfusion Team May 4, 2015 11:52 AM UTC

Thank you for your interest in Syncfusion products.

I have checked the reported query in our end and I am unable to reproduce the issue in our end. Quartile formula is working properly in our end for all quart. So we requested you to please provide the sample which is reproduce the issue in your end. So that I can able to reproduce the issue in our end and we will provide required solution for you. Please refer the below sample and image which is used to reproduce the issue in our end.

Sample file : http://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/support/forum/118975/CalcSheet_sample-419286649.zip

Please let me know if you have any concerns.


Vinish K.

PS Pramod Sahu May 5, 2015 01:01 PM UTC

Thanks for your replay, i have checked your code and it is working fine, but it is a windows form application, and we are using it in web project.
i am using syncfusion licencee dlls in my project. (Ver:12.4400.0.24) 
i have attached a zip file of sample web project, you can replicate this issue in this web project.
when you press button first time it will give you proper result, but when we click these button again and again (like we are calling it in loop) quartile start giving issue.
during multiple clicks sometime it again gives proper result but most of the time it gives error, if we close browser and re-run project, again it gives proper result first time.
we tried same code in Windows Form Application, and it is giving proper result in windows form, But not in Web Project.
we are creating Sheet from datatable in our project.
Your Help is very much valuable for us. Thanks in advance.

Attachment: web_project_quartile_issue_5b4c7d22.zip

VK Vinish Kumar K Syncfusion Team May 6, 2015 06:22 PM UTC

Hi Pramod,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We have checked the reported issue in our end and we can able to reproduce the issue. So we have logged the issue report on this and fix for this issue will be available in our next main Syncfusion Essential release which is available at end of June. Please create the incident, If you need the fix at earlier.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Vinish K.

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