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Hello All
is there option to use MultiSelect feature on ejGantt?
I try to multiselect more then 1 task for using them with "indentItem" and "outdentItem".
Thank you.

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MK Mahalakshmi Karthikeyan Syncfusion Team April 10, 2015 06:55 AM UTC

Hi Franjkovic,

Thanks for using Syncfusion product.

At present there is no support for multiple selection of rows in Gantt Control. For this we have already logged a feature request regarding this.

A support incident has been created under your account to track the status of this requirement. Please log on to our support website to check for further updates.


Please let us know if you require further assistance on this.


Mahalakshmi K.

BC Bryan Conlon May 25, 2017 10:18 AM UTC

Has multiselect been included since? 

JD Jayakumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team May 26, 2017 12:52 PM UTC

Hi Bryan, 
We have started the feature “Multiple selection of rows in Gantt”. Currently, we are analyzing the requirements for this support. This feature will be implemented and included in our upcoming volume 4 main release. 
Jayakumar D 

MB Marko Bezjak August 5, 2017 03:42 PM UTC


I'd like to ask if this feature  “Multiple selection of rows in Gantt” is on track to be in upcoming volume 4 main release?


Marko B

SR Suriyaprasanth Ravikumar Syncfusion Team August 7, 2017 12:05 PM UTC

Hi Marko, 
We have started the implementation of the feature “Multiple row selection support in Gantt” and it will be included in our upcoming volume 4 main release which will be expected to out at end of October, 2017. 
Suriyaprasanth R. 

MA Marko February 22, 2018 02:52 PM UTC


I see, that Multi-Select is now posible in Gantt, but I wonder if it is possible to Drag-Drop multi selected rows and if it is possible to do right click and get Context Menu for multi selected rows?
I have prepared a video and attached it. In it you can see, that even if i had selected multiple rows, drag-drop was made only for one.


Attachment: 20180222_154451_1506b964.zip

JD Jayakumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team February 23, 2018 01:13 PM UTC

Hi Marko, 
In Gantt, we can select multiple rows and delete it by using toolbar delete icon but currently, we don’t have support for drag & drop and context menu support for multiple selected rows. 
Can you please explain the importance of this features in your project? It will be helpful for us to consider this feature and prioritize in our upcoming volume release. 
Jayakumar D 

MA Marko February 25, 2018 02:19 PM UTC


for Multi-Select Drag&Drop I would expect same behavior as you have it here: http://js.syncfusion.com/demos/web/#!/bootstrap/treeview/Multi-Select

Or in Gantt:

After drag of one of 6,3 or 7 and drop in 9 would change parents in 6,3,7 to 9:
For context menu I would expect that after selecting e.q.6,3 and 7 and right clicking on one of them, that would call function contextMenuOpen ((contextMenuOpen)="contextMenuOpen($event)") and there would then be args.selectedRows for all rows that are selcted and args.selectedRow for realy selected row.
So if I would multi select 6,3 and 7 and then I would right click on 7, that should call contextMenuOpen function with param args:
args = { selectedRow: 7, selectedRows: [7,6,3], ...}
and after right click would still be selected all three rows.

In context menu I can write my own functions and buttons, so that would be enough for me.

In our project we couuld use this for the following items in context menu:
-duplicate (to duplicate selected rows, because now you must do this one by one)
-delete (now works only buy pressing keyboard delete or delete in toolbar menu)
-to set some value to the same as it is in selected row, so if we have for example selected rows 3,6,7 and we make right click on 3, then we would have still selected rows 3,6 and 7 and the following context menu:
(Image is symbolic) And after clicking Set same value -> Start date, Start date of 6 and 7 would became same as it is in 3.

I hope that I made understandable examples.


JD Jayakumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team February 26, 2018 01:47 PM UTC

Hi Marko, 
Currently, we don’t have support for context menu with multiple selected rows and multiple row drag & drop support in Gantt. Hence, we have logged feature report as “Row drag and drop support and context menu support for multiple selected rows”. This support will implemented and include in our upcoming Volume 2, 2018 main release, which will be expected to roll out in the month of April 2018. 
Jayakumar D 

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