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Using SSRS


I'm trying to configure the ReportViewer to display .rdl files that my users will create and upload on a SSRS server, so in my application I had stored in a table the report's names and paths on the server. I'm trying to show the report from the SSRS but I can't find where I can set the SSRS credentials, the SSRS URL and how to configure the ReportViewer to show the reports.

How can I do this? do you have any examples of using the ReportViewer with SSRS?


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AS Anandakumar S Syncfusion Team January 15, 2015 05:20 PM UTC

Hi Johann,

Thanks for your interest Syncfusion Products.

As of now, rendering SSRS reports not supported in Lightswitch ReportViewer. We have considered this as feature request “Support to view SSRS reports in lightswitch ReportViewer”, however to access this, we request you contact us at Syncfusion Support or you may also create your customer account under Direct Trac and open a new incident so that our support engineer will assist you accordingly.

Our Direct Trac support system can be accessed from the following link:


However adding Silverlight ReportViewer as  custom control in LightSwitch screen allows you to render SSRS reports in Lightswitch platform. We have prepared a sample based on this and it can be downloaded from the following location.


We have given details of the properties used to render SSRS reports in ReportViewer.




Path to the Server report in SSRS server.
reportViewer.ReportPath = @"/SSRSSamples/Territory Sales";


URL path of the ReportingServer.
reportViewer.ReportServerUrl = @"";


URL path of the WCF ReportingService which is running on the server machine (ReportingService and ReportServer must run in same machine).
reportViewer.ReportServiceURL = @"http://ssrs.syncfusion.com/ReportingService2013Vol4/ReportingService.svc";
Please refer the following link to create a ReportingService.


Gets or sets the processing mode of the ReportViewer control. Set Remote ProcessingMode for rendering SSRS reports.
reportViewer.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Remote;


Credential information’s to connect with the ReportingServer.
reportViewer.ReportServerCredential = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("ssrs""RDLReport1");

Set DataSource Credentials

You can specify credential information to each datasources used within the report in loaded event of ReportViewer as shown below.
reportViewer.ReportLoaded += (sen, arg) =>
    List<DataSourceCredentials> crdentials = new List<DataSourceCredentials>();
    foreach (var dataSource in reportViewer.GetDataSources())
        DataSourceCredentials credn = new DataSourceCredentials();
        credn.Name = dataSource.Name;
        credn.UserId = "ssrs1";
        credn.Password = "RDLReport1";
Note: DataSource credentials must be added to the ReportViewer for Shared DataSources which do not have credentials in the connection string and used in the SSRS Reports.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Anandakumar S

VP Victor Perez June 17, 2015 11:24 AM UTC


this feature was added to the component to lightswitch?

Silverlight supports the reportviewer for SSRS with custom authentication?
the reportviewer for silverlight support the function "go to report"?

Victor Perez

NB Nithya B Syncfusion Team June 18, 2015 01:39 PM UTC

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your update.

Silverlight supports the reportviewer for SSRS with custom authentication?
Kindly refer our online UG documentation for more details about supported authentication in ReportViewer.

the reportviewer for silverlight support the function "go to report"?
Our Silverlight ReportViewer have  “DrillThrough” action supports in SSRS reports. Kindly refer the below link to create a report with “DrillThrough” action.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Nithya B

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