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HiLo Series Primary and Secondary Axis


I am trying to integrate the HiLo series in my application. I had a look at the official documentation here:-

I tried to replicate this in my code as follows:-

<SyncfusionCharts:SfChart Name="HistoryChart" Grid.Row="1" AxisThickness="0,0,26,25" Visibility="Collapsed">
                    <SyncfusionCharts:NumericalAxis Header="TIME(hours)" Interval="1" StartRangeFromZero="True" IsInversed="True" OpposedPosition="false" RangePadding="None"/>

                    <SyncfusionCharts:NumericalAxis OpposedPosition="True" RangePadding="Normal" />


And my .cs code looks as follows:-

HiLoSeries bloodPressureSeries = new HiLoSeries();

bloodPressureSeries.Stroke = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Red);
bloodPressureSeries.StrokeThickness = 5;

bloodPressureSeries.XBindingPath = "timeDifference";
bloodPressureSeries.ItemsSource = historyData;
bloodPressureSeries.EnableAnimation = true;

bloodPressureSeries.IsSortData = true;
bloodPressureSeries.SortBy = SortingAxis.X;

bloodPressureSeries.ShowTooltip = true;

bloodPressureSeries.High = "valueHigh";
bloodPressureSeries.Low = "valueLow";


Where timeDifference is the "double" value of the time difference and valueHigh and valueLow are also double values.
However this does not work.

My question is, does the HiLo series work only on a chart which has a primary axis as datetime axis or is there no such limitation.
If there is no such limitation, can anyone please point out the error in my code?


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KV Karthikeyan V Syncfusion Team March 17, 2014 03:40 AM UTC

Hi Rajeev,

Thank you for using the Syncfusion products.

We have analysed the stated issue with your code and we could found that you are collapsed the Visibility property in SfChart by remove this; the sample is running without any issue.

We have prepared a sample based on your requirements. Please find the sample under the following location.

Please let us know if you require further assistance on this.


Karthikeyan V.

Attachment: HiLoWinRTSample_4634c35d.zip

RA Rajeev March 18, 2014 09:22 AM UTC

Hi Karthikeyan,

Thanks for the reply.
My chart was collapsed in the XAML but I set it to visible before adding the itemssource of the chart.

I also tried running the sample you provided but it seems to only show a blank chart without any series. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

Thanks for your assistance,

Attachment: hilo_86d747f1.rar

KV Karthikeyan V Syncfusion Team March 19, 2014 11:19 AM UTC

Hi Rajeev,

We have analyzed the reported issue with our sample; we are unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please check with the sample in the following location? If still you face the problem, please revert us by modifying the sample based on your application along with replication procedure. This would be helpful for us to serve you.

Please let us know if you require further assistance on this.


Karthikeyan V.

Attachment: HiLoWinRTSample_bd09d4b1.zip

RA Rajeev March 24, 2014 08:40 AM UTC

Hi Karthikeyan,

I tried running the new sample as well but I just get a blank chart on the screen without any data.
I am using v11.2.0.25 of the control suite.
Is the problem related to that because the samples that you sent me are using v8 of the controls.

I have rebuilt and attached the sample. Please let me know if this is working for you.


Attachment: HiLoWinRTSample_bd09d4b1_4275a4f9.rar

MK Muneesh Kumar G Syncfusion Team March 25, 2014 05:38 AM UTC

Hi Rajeev,

Thanks for your update.

We are able to reproduce the “Blank page” issue in and this issue has been fixed in our latest release.  This “Blank page” issue reproduced due to the IsSortData property setting in your sample.

We are glad to announce that our Essential Studio for WinRT (XAML) v11.4.0.30 (Service Pack) is rolled out and is available for download under the following link.


Please let us know if you have any queries.


Muneesh Kumar G.

RA Rajeev March 28, 2014 05:04 AM UTC

Hi Muneesh,

Removing the "IsSortData" property resolved the issue.

Thanks for your help,

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