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Getting A Custom Toolbar to launch a Particular Controller Action (MVC4-ASPX)

I have had some challenges in figuring out how to get data out of a grid.  I want my customer to take a large set of data, filter it down to the records it wants to transfer and then allow them to press a button on the grid's toolbar and have an action fire in the controller that can read the remaining/filtered data left in the grid to perform some action upon that data. 

I can create the grid and display the data and the user can filter the data but when they click on the Custom toolbar option (below 'Request Transfer to'), nothing launches.  I'm missing the connection between the toolbar definition and what controller action is launched and the doco has not been helpful at all. 

I'm running VS2010 and using ASPX (not Razor) as I'm porting this view from MVC2.  Any help would be appreciated.  Keep in mind that when the custom toolbar option is pressed, a controller action should be launched that has the visibility to read the remaining data in the grid.  Any clues? 



.EnableFiltering() /*Filtering Enabled*/

.EnableSorting() /*Sorting Enabled*/

.EnablePaging() /*Paging Enabled*/


.Scrolling(scroll => scroll.Height(300).Width(1050))


.Column(cols =>


cols.Add(c => c.REMS).HeaderText("REMS").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.companyName).HeaderText("Company").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.LVID).HeaderText("LVID").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.entity).HeaderText("BU").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.locationDescription).HeaderText("Location Description").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.assetNumber).HeaderText("Asset No").Width(100);

cols.Add(c => c.majorCategory).HeaderText("Major Cat").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.minorCategory).HeaderText("Minor Cat").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.FACode).HeaderText("FA Code").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.description).HeaderText("Title").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.cost).HeaderText("Cost").TextAlign(Syncfusion.Mvc.Grid.TextAlignment.Right).Format("{0:C}").Width(70);

cols.Add(c => c.nbv).HeaderText("NBV").Width(60);

cols.Add(c => c.GOC).HeaderText("GOC").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.FEIN).HeaderText("FEIN").Width(75);

cols.Add(c => c.datePlacedInService).HeaderText("In Service").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.vendorName).HeaderText("Vendor Name").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.accountingKey).HeaderText("Acct Key").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.locationKey).HeaderText("Location Key").Width(150);

cols.Add(c => c.state).HeaderText("State");


.ToolBar(tools =>


// Adding the custom toolbar items.

// Add(customItemtitle, customItemcaption, customItemCssClass)

tools.Add(GridToolBarItems.Custom, "Transfer Request To", "RequestTransfer")

.Add(GridToolBarItems.ExcelExport, "Excel Export")

.Add(GridToolBarItems.PDFExport, "PDF Export");


.Mappers(map => { map.ExportExcelAction("GridExportToExcel").ExportPdfAction("GridExportToPDF"); });


<% } %>

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SS Satheeskumar S Syncfusion Team July 25, 2013 11:14 AM UTC

Hi Darryl Matthews,


Thanks for your interest in Syncfusion products.


We have updated regarding this requirement in the incident- 110933.

Could you please follow that incident.


Please let us know if you have any other concerns.



Satheeskumar S

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