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Axis in a Cartesian chart plays a vital role in identifying the value of the visualized data. Charts typically have two axes that are used to measure and categorize data, a vertical axis (y-axis) and a horizontal axis (x-axis).

The vertical axis always uses a numerical scale. The horizontal axis supports the following scale types:

  • Category
  • Numeric
  • Date-time
  • Logarithmic
  • Date-time category


Xamarin.Forms chart shows the category axis in X scale


The categorical axis is a nonlinear axis that displays text in axis labels.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the numerical axis in Y scale


The numerical axis is a linear axis that displays numbers with an equal interval in axis labels.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the date-time axis in X scale


The date-time axis displays date-time values with an equal interval in axis labels. It is typically used as an x-axis.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the log axis in Y scale


Uses a logarithmic scale and displays numbers in labels.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the date-time category axis in X scale

Date-time category

Nonlinear date-time axis that accepts date-time values and renders data based on its index.


Xamarin.Forms shows the combination of series and multiple axis

Multiple axes

Visualize different units of data with multiple axes, which can be placed at either side of the chart.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the customizable axis scales

Smart axis labels

Position axis labels in multiple rows to avoid collision between two labels.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the automatic range calculation in axis

Automatic range calculation

The best possible axis ranges and intervals are calculated automatically based on the given values. The ranges can be further customized with a custom range and range padding.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the axis labels position inside

Labels position

Place the axis labels and tick lines inside the chart area to reduce the space consumption of an axis, allowing you to plot the data as large as possible.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the rotated axis labels

Label rotation

Rotate the axis labels to place all the labels within the available space.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the axis crossing support. The axis can be positioned at anywhere in chart area

Axis crossing

The position of the axis can be moved anywhere in the chart relative to its associated axis.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the axis in opposite position

Opposite position

When the chart has multiple axes, this feature arranges the axes by moving them to the opposite position from their default position.

Xamarin.Forms chart shows the duplicate axis

Duplicate axis

Display a duplicate axis on the other side of the original axis to make the chart easily readable when it is rendered in a large monitor or in landscape mode in mobile devices.


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS
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