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Data sources

List view has built-in support to load data from most of the popular data sources and also supports sorting, grouping, and filtering out of the box.

Binding data sources

High performance

The list view has been built from the ground up with an optimized view reuse strategy to achieve the best possible performance on the Xamarin platform, even when loading large data sets.

High-performance list view


List view supports two different layouts to show the list view items. The linear layout arranges items in a single column, whereas the grid layout arranges items in a predefined number of columns.

Item templating

Host any view or control to customize the view. Each list view item can also be customized, allowing dynamic selection of the UI for each item.

List view with item template customization


Load data in vertical and horizontal orientations.

List view items in orientation


  • Built-in support for selection with single, multiple, and none select modes.
  • Support for tap, double-tap, and hold selection gestures.
  • Render the selected items by adding any view.
  • Apply a background color to the selected item.

Data shaping and manipulation

Item sorting in list view


Sort data programmatically. Custom sorting logic is also supported.

Item grouping in list view


Group by a property from the code, freeze group headers in the view, and use custom grouping logic. The group caption can also be customized by adding views such as images, text, and more.

Item filtering in list view


Set predicates to easily filter and view data as needed.

List view with real-time changes

Real-time updates

Sort and group data in real time.

List view with header

Freeze a header at the top of the control or make it scrollable. The header can be customized by adding any view such as an image, text, and more.

List view with footer

Freeze a footer at the bottom of the control or make it scrollable. The footer can be customized by adding any view such as an image, text, and more.

Item reordering

Reorder items by dragging them either with a long press or from the drag indicator view. Items’ appearances can also be customized while dragging.

Item reordering functionalities in list view

Autofit items

Dynamically change the size of the items to greatly enhance readability.

AutoFit items in list view

Pull to refresh

Refresh the data source at run time by performing a pull-to-refresh action.

Run-time refreshing of data in list view

Load more

Load more data at run time automatically or manually when the end of a list is reached. Also load more data manually at the top of the list. The loading indicator and load more buttons can also be customized.


List view items can be paged using the data pager control, which supports the interactive manipulation of data.

List view with data displayed in pages


Spacing between items in list view


Specify the required space between items in a list.

Size of item in list view


Change the size of the list view header, footer, group header, and items with static values.

Rounded corners on items in list view

Rounded corners on items

The list view item corners can be rounded.


All static text within the list view can be localized to any desired language.

List view with data displayed in pages


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS

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