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The data grid control for Xamarin is a high-performance grid component that helps display and manipulate large amounts of data in a tabular format. Its rich feature set includes functionalities like data-binding, sorting, grouping, editing, filtering, swiping, dragging, resizing, loading more items, pull-to-refresh, and exporting to Excel and PDF file formats.

Data grid with highlighting features

High Performance

The data grid control is built from the ground up to achieve the best possible performance on the Xamarin platform, even when loading large data sets. Keep your data organized with both basic and advanced operations on cells, rows, and columns. Perform data processing operations like sorting, grouping, summaries, and real-time updates efficiently.

High performance data grid

Data Sources

Data binding works out of the box for the most popular data sources. The data grid control automatically generates columns for properties in the data model.

Binding data sources

Data Shaping and Manipulation

Data grid with sorted column


Sort data against one or more columns either by touch or programmatically to organize your data using conventional sorting techniques. Apply custom sorting logic to reorder the data when conventional techniques do not meet your requirements.

Data grid with grouped column


Group the data by one or more columns programmatically with customizable templates. Groups can be expanded or collapsed. Apply custom grouping logic to group data based on your application requirements.

Summary information in the data grid


Calculate and display sum, min, max, average, count, and custom aggregates for the entire grid or individual groups to show summarized information of all the data or just a section.

Data grid with filtered data


Easily filter records by setting a predicate to the view to search for data that meets your requirements.

Live streaming updates of data grid

Live streaming updates

Handle high frequency updates even under the most demanding scenarios where data is sorted and grouped in real time.

Loading More Items

  • Load a subset of data at run time.
  • Customize the Load More Items option and set its position to either the top or bottom of the grid.
  • Load data in chunks automatically when reaching the end of the list.

Data grid with loading more capabilities


  • Refresh the data source at run time when performing the pull-to-refresh action.
  • Customize the pull-to-refresh view with sliding and pushing transition modes for a native pull-to-refresh experience.

Run-time refreshing of data in data grid

Row and Column Customizations

Data grid with various column types

Column types

Load different types of data using the various built-in column types such as text, numeric, picker, date picker, switch, and image for better data visualization.

Template customization of data grid

Column customizations

  • Load custom views or multiple views in cells using the template column.
  • Load data at run time that is not bound to a model. You can also use expressions to calculate the values among columns.

Data grid with autofit capabilities

Autofit capabilities

  • Change the height of the rows based on the content of any column or certain columns to enhance readability.
  • Customize the width of the individual columns or the entire grid using various built-in column sizing options.

Row and column pinning in data grid

Row and column pinning

Freeze rows and columns at the top and left positions in the view, similar to Excel.


In-place editing support with built-in column types provides the best editing experience. There is also built-in support for text, numeric, picker, and date picker editors with support to commit or roll back changes.

Interactive Features

Swiping functionalities in data grid


Associate swipe buttons with custom actions. Swipe buttons are displayed by swiping from left to right or right to left over a data row. Create swipe templates and associate the views in them with custom actions.

Column drag and drop functionalities in data grid

Column drag and drop

Reorder columns for additional end user flexibility.

Row drag and drop functionalities in data grid

Row drag and drop

Reorder rows for additional end user flexibility.

Column resizing in data grid


Resize a column either on the move or on touch-up to read data larger than the cells. Restrict a column with a minimum width to avoid hiding the column and a maximum width to restrict resizing beyond the limit.


Styling and theming in data grid


  • Customize the styles for every view in the grid to display visually appealing data based on application requirements.
  • Apply alternate row color for better readability.
  • Customize the vertical, horizontal, or both grid cell borders.

Cell style and row style based on conditions in data grid

Conditional styles

  • Customize cell and row appearances conditionally based on the data.
  • Apply styles and formatting to the data in the cells.
  • Style the rows and columns with customizable preferences when selected.


  • Select a row with customizable selection backgrounds that includes four built-in selection modes: single, multiple, single deselect, and none.
  • The single deselect mode clears a selected row after it is touched again.
  • Apply animation to the selected row for the best selection experience.
  • Navigate through rows using the keyboard on desktop platforms.

Selection with built-in selection modes in data grid

Data Virtualization

Data grid with data virtualization

Data virtualization

Create records on demand by automatically enabling data virtualization to efficiently process data.

Data grid with data displayed in pages


  • Manipulate the data using the data pager control.
  • Customize visually appealing styles based on device and application requirements.
  • Load new pages on demand with options to maintain and reset the cache.


Export the data to Excel and PDF formats with a variety of appearance customization options such as exclude specific columns, exclude headers, set custom row heights, set custom column widths, and more. A grid can also be exported to a particular page or position in a PDF document.

Excel and PDF exporting functionalities in data grid

Scrolling Customizations

Scroll the data in horizontal, vertical, or both directions with various built-in scrolling modes:

  • Pixel: Scrolls the data for every pixel movement.
  • Pixel line: Scrolls the data for every pixel and maintains the complete first record in the view like Excel.
  • Line: Scrolls the data based on the entire line movement.

Data grid with built-in scrolling modes


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS

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