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Data Binding

  • Bind any hierarchical data by specifying child mapping.
  • Bind the self-relational to display in a tree structure by specifying the parent and child mappings.
  • Support for unbound mode where the data is loaded in on-demand through events.

Selection and Node Check Box


The tree grid control has built-in support for row-based selection with extensive support for all keyboard navigations.

Node Check Box

Display check boxes with support for recursive checking and selection synchronization.

Interactive Features

Column Manipulation

The tree grid control provides a touch-interactive UI for column resizing and rearranging.

Context Menu

Improve the end user experience by adding custom shortcut menu entries.

Row Drag-and-Drop

Drag and drop nodes with indicators to denote drop location.

Clipboard Operations

The tree grid control has support for clipboard operations such as cut, copy, and paste between the data within the control and other applications such as Notepad and Excel.


Conditional Formatting

Customize cell and row appearance conditionally based on data.

Fully Customizable

Completely customize cell and row appearance.

Data Shaping and Manipulation


Sort data against one or more columns. Custom sorting is also supported.


Support for filtering nodes programmatically with various filter-level options.


  • Utilize support for built-in column types.
  • Embed controls such as progress bar and rating to view or edit the data.
  • Commit or rollback changes when a data object implements IEditableObject.

Data Error Indication and Validation

Validate cells and display error information based on INotifyDataErrorInfo and Data Annotations. Also dynamically handle validations.

Column Sizer

Set the column width based on specified logic. Some options are SizeToCell, SizeToHeader, and Auto.


  • Utilize a rich set of options for exporting data to Microsoft Excel file formats, PDF, and CSV.
  • Several customization options are also provided to customize exporting operations.

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