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What’s New in Essential Studio for UWP

Windows developers can now add to their toolboxes spline ranges for charts, swim lanes for the kanban control, and toolbars that can be customized with an image editor.


Spline range area chart type

A new spline range area chart type has been added.

Bitmap support for range area chart type

Bitmap support has been added for the range area chart type.


Preview dragging

Preview mode will enable the dragging of objects as an outline without affecting the original object.

Multiple parents

Tree layout and data sources will now support nodes having multiple parents.

Freehand drawing

Draw Bezier connections using freehand drawing.



Select multiple items from a suggestion list. There are two ways to perform multiselection.

Token representation

Selected items will be displayed with a customizable token representation. Users can remove each tokenized item with the close button.


Selected items can be divided with a desired character given as a delimiter.

Maximum display item with expander

Restrict the number of suggestions displayed. Load the remaining items by selecting Load More.

Match highlighting

Highlight matching characters in a suggestion list, enabling users to pick an item with more clarity. There are two ways to highlight the matching text:

  • First occurrence

  • Multiple occurrence

Filter items in the suggestion list based on a custom search by the user. This will help to apply custom typo toleration functionality to the control.


The performance of the autocomplete component has been improved with several optimizations that allow users to load and search a million items in a second.

Rich Text Box

Table autofit-to-content support

The rich text box control allows users to automatically adjust a table’s cell size based on its contents.

IME support

The rich text box control now supports the input method editor (IME), which allows the entering of complex script languages.


Import hyperlinks on images, allowing users to navigate to a webpage or another place within a workbook when they click on an image.


PowerPoint slide to image conversion

Presentation library now supports PowerPoint slide to image conversion in UWP.


Swim lanes

Swim lanes are horizontal categorizations that allow you to organize your current workflow by different projects, teams, users, or other categories.

Image Editor


Zoom and pan an image.

Adding toolbar items

Image editor toolbar items can be added, removed, edited, and customized with images and text.

Cropping with aspect ratios

Using built-in toolbar items, images can be cropped to aspect ratios 3:1, 4:5, 16:9, etc., or they can be reset to the original aspect ratio. Cropping can also be performed programmatically.


The current state of image editor elements can be saved and loaded when needed on any platform or device.


Place a shape in front of, behind, or between other shapes.

Pivot Grid

Save and load

Users can easily save and load the pivot grid control’s report and settings anytime, either in XML or stream format.

Pivot Chart

Save and Load

Users can easily save and load the pivot chart control’s report and settings anytime, either in XML or stream format.

Essential XlsIO

Filter enhancements

Essential XlsIO now allows data to be filtered by color and icon.

Export Excel data to business objects

To help populate business objects or model collections from an Excel worksheet, you can export Excel data into an IEnumerable collection, even for platforms that don’t support data tables.

Trace precedents and dependents

XlsIO assists users to trace the relationships between cells and formulas in Excel workbooks by providing the following abilities:

  • Get precedent ranges to see which cells are referenced in the active cell’s formula.
  • Get dependent ranges to see which cells contain a reference to the active cell.

Copy and paste enhancements

XlsIO now supports copying content and pasting it as a link, which pastes references of the source range instead of pasting values. When the original data changes, the information is automatically changed where the content was pasted as a link.

What's New for UWP | Syncfusion

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