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What's New in Essential Studio for UWP

Volume 2 not only adds more features to Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform, it also introduces the popular Gantt control to Syncfusion’s extensive suite of UWP controls.


Segment color binding

Color mapping support has been added for each segment in a chart series.

Multiple spline types

The chart control now supports multiple spline types for spline and spline-area series.


Segment decorator

A new decorative element has been added for connectors to indicate the flow of a connection over another connector or segment.


PDF security enhancements

PDF 2.0 security features (AES Revision 6) are now supported.

Pivot Chart

Fast chart types

The following fast charts have been implemented in the pivot chart control: fast column bitmap, fast bar bitmap, fast line, fast line bitmap, fast step-line bitmap, fast scatter bitmap, and fast stacking-column bitmap.


Pivot chart adornments have been added to display values related to chart segment elements.


Pivot chart annotations display metadata about a chart or series at a specific point of interest in a plotted area.

Pivot Client

Label and value filters

The pivot client supports filtering values by label and value.

Defer update

The pivot client can be refreshed only on demand and not during every UI interaction.

Pivot Grid

Pivot rows only

The pivot grid can be customized as a flat grid, allowing users to pivot only rows and calculations.

Grouping bar

The pivot grid provides a UI option to drag fields, filter them, and create pivot views at run time through the grouping bar.

Essential Presentation

Comments support

Essential Presentation now supports creating and modifying comments in PowerPoint presentations.

Rich Text Box

The rich text box control now provides built-in support for printing document content from both desktop and mobile applications.

Page layout support

The rich text box control now provides support for viewing document content page by page on a mobile device.


Gantt control is designed to visualize and edit project schedules, and track project progress. It helps you organize and schedule projects. You can also update the project schedule through interactions like editing, dragging, and resizing.

Key Features

  • Task relationship
  • Interactive editing
  • Sorting
  • Customize timescale format

Tree Grid


The tree grid control now supports filtering nodes programmatically with various filter-level options.

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