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The Blazor Range Selector component is an interface for selecting a small range from a larger collection. It is commonly used in financial dashboards to filter a date range for data that needs to be visualized.

Data types

Plot different types of data in the Blazor Range Selector component using different value types like numeric, date-time, and logarithmic.

Chart Types

Use the Blazor Range Selector component with different chart types like line, area and step line.


Skip the chart and show just the range to select data. This makes a range selector light weight in mobile devices.


A date-time axis can be configured to show in major and minor scales. The major and minor scales show where a range falls within different intervals and are displayed in multiple levels

Time Period Selector

Select data using predefined time periods in the range navigator and use the date picker to select a custom range.

Binding selected data

Bind selected data from a range selector to any other data visualization control using built-in events.

Deferred scrolling

The selected range doesn’t change until the user stops dragging the thumbs. This provides a smooth scrolling experience.

Range selection

The Blazor Range Selector component provides the following ways to select a range:

  • Select a range through labels.
  • Drag the left and right thumbs.
  • Drag the selected range to maintain the same delta.

Blazor Range Selector selection


All the elements of the Blazor Range Selector component are highly customizable with built-in APIs.

Blazor Range Selector labels


Customize the size, color, font family, font attribute, and alignment of the labels using built-in APIs.

Blazor Range Selector thumb


Customize the entire appearance of the left and right thumbs using built-in APIs.

Blazor Range Selector gridlines


Customize the color, stroke width, dash array, and visibility of the major and minor gridlines using built-in APIs.


Tooltips display the start and end values of a selected range to enable users to select a required range easily.

Globalization and localization

Format dates and numbers in HTML5 Blazor Range Selector.


The Blazor Range Selector component allows users from different locales to format dates, currency, and numbers to suit preferences. The component uses the Essential JS 2 internalization library for handling value formatting.

Show right-to-left language in HTML5 Blazor Range Selector.

Right to left {RTL}

The Blazor Range Selector component supports right-to-left rendering, allowing the series and scale direction to be displayed from right to left. This improves the user experience and accessibility for users of RTL languages.

Blazor Range Selector Code Example

Easily get started with the Blazor Range Selector using a few simple lines of C# code as demonstrated below. Also explore our Blazor Range Selector Example that shows you how to render and configure the range selector.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor
@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts

<SfRangeNavigator ValueType="RangeValueType.DateTime" IntervalType="RangeIntervalType.Years" LabelFormat="yyyy">
<RangeNavigatorSeries DataSource="@StockDetails" XName="Date" Type="RangeNavigatorType.Area" YName="Close"></RangeNavigatorSeries>

@code {
public class StockPrice
public DateTime Date { get; set; }
public double Close { get; set; }

public List<StockPrice> StockDetails = new List<StockPrice>
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2005, 01, 01), Close = 21 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2006, 01, 01), Close = 24 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2007, 01, 01), Close = 36 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2008, 01, 01), Close = 38 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2009, 01, 01), Close = 54 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2010, 01, 01), Close = 57 },
new StockPrice { Date = new DateTime(2011, 01, 01), Close = 62 }

Other supported frameworks

Range Selector is also available in JavaScript, Angular, React and Vue frameworks that are built from their own TypeScript libraries. Check out the different Range Selector platforms from the links below,

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Quick visualization of high-level data and for selecting a time-period with a modern interface to filter data.
  • Seamless integration with Charts, DataGrid, ListView, etc, to show filtered data.
  • UI is responsive and adaptive to any mobile device.
  • Simple configuration and API.
  • Support for all modern browsers.
  • Extensive demos, documentation, and videos to learn quickly and get started with the Blazor Range Selector component.

We do not sell the Blazor Range Selector separately. It is only available for purchase as part of the Syncfusion team license. This contains over 1,800 components and frameworks, including the Blazor Range Selector. The price of the team license starts at $395 per month for 5 developers, and includes support and updates until the subscription expires. In addition, we might offer discounts based on currently active promotions. Please contact our product specialists today to see if you qualify for any additional discounts.

Range Selector demo here.

No, our 1,800+ components and frameworks for web, mobile, and desktop, including our Blazor Range Selector, are not sold individually. They are only available as part of a team license. However, we have competitively priced the product, so it only costs a little bit more than what some other vendors charge for their Range Selector component alone. We have also found that, in our experience, our customers usually start off using one of our products and then expand to several products quickly, so we felt it was best to offer all 1,800+ components and frameworks for a subscription fee that starts at $395 per month for a team of 5 developers. Additionally, we might be able to offer discounts based on currently active promotions. Please contact our product specialists today to see if you qualify for any additional discounts.

No, this is a commercial product and requires a paid license. However, a free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue, 5 or fewer developers, and 10 or fewer total employees.

A good place to start would be our comprehensive getting started documentation.

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