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The React pivot table control organizes and summarizes business data and displays the result in a cross-table format. A high volume of pivot data can be loaded without any performance degradation using row and column virtualization.

High performance

Allows users to load large amounts of raw data into the pivot engine, aggregate it, and view it on-demand through virtual scrolling options with ease.

Data binding

The React pivot table accepts JSON array for data binding. It uses the data manager explicitly to handle remote data and data processing.

React pivot table control renders with relational data source in JSON format

JSON format - array of objects

You can bind an array of objects to the control to work smoothly in applications.

Remote data binding, remote web service and RESTful API, in React pivot table control

Remote data binding

Binding the React pivot table with RESTful services allows data from any sources, including Excel and CSV files, SQL databases like Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and collections like IEnumerable, IList, and array lists through services, which are consumed using the data manager explicitly. It supports various data adaptors such as JSON, OData, ODataV4, URL, and Web API for working with particular data services.

Optimized for mobile devices

Touch support for React pivot table control

Touch support

All features will work on touch devices with ease. Features such as drill up/down, filtering, sorting, and report manipulation can be done on the fly.

Responsive view of React pivot table control


Responsive support allows the control layout to view on various devices.

Field list support in React pivot table control to create reports dynamically at run-time

Adaptable field list UI

Allows the pivot table field list to view on various devices in a presentable manner.

React pivot table control along with field list and grouping bar

Pivot table field list and group fields

The pivot table field list and group fields option are automatically populated with fields from the bound data source. They allow end-users to drag, filter, and sort fields, as well as create pivot report at runtime.

Drill down/Drill up

Provides built-in drill down (expand) and drill up (collapse) capability to visualize data both in a detailed view and abstract view, respectively. By default, the data are displayed in a grouped manner.

React pivot table with drill up and drill down support


Built-in normal and Excel-like filters with advanced filtering options to easily filter and view data as required. It is also possible to filter programmatically.

React Pivot Table normal filter

Header filtering

Displays only selective values for a field. This can be achieved either through UI or code-behind.

React pivot table label filtering

Label filtering

Excel-like filtering option across column and row headers either based on label text, date, or number.

React pivot table value filtering

Value filtering

Excel-like filtering option across column and row headers based on grand-total value.


Sorting supports to order rows and columns based on either labels or values.

Normal Sorts in ascending and descending order using React pivot table

Header sorting

Orders the column and row header text either in ascending or descending order.

Column sorts in ascending and descending order using React pivot table

Column sorting

Column sorting, also known as value sorting, orders the column value either in ascending or descending order. It is performed by clicking the desired column header.

Aggregation support in React pivot table control


Users can perform calculations over a group of values using the aggregation option. By default, values are added together. The other aggregation types include average, minimum, maximum, and count.

Calculated field

The calculated field, otherwise known as unbound field generates unique field with our own calculated value by executing a simple user-defined formula.

Calculated field, user-defined field in React pivot table control

React pivot table control totals


Subtotals and grand totals are calculated automatically by the pivot engine inside the control and displayed in the pivot grid. This helps users make decisions based on the totals.

Conditional formatting

Allows users to define conditions that, when met, format font style, text color, background color, and font size for values and summary cells.

Conditional formatting support in React pivot table control

Number formatting and date formatting in React pivot table control

Number formatting and date formatting

Number formatting and date formatting help to transform the appearance of the actual cell value.

Frozen header

You can freeze row and column headers to scroll and compare cell values with the corresponding row and column headers.

Freezes row and column headers in React pivot table control


Resizes columns in React pivot table control


Resizing allows changing column width at runtime by simply dragging the right-most boundary of the column header. The scroll bar will appear when the content width exceeds the control width.

Reorders columns in React pivot table control


You can reorder the columns either on user interaction or programmatically. Simply dragging and dropping a column header into the desired column position will reorder the columns.


Exports React pivot table data to Excel, PDF, and CSV formats. You can also customize the exported document by adding the header, footer, and cell properties like type, style, and position programmatically.

Exports report to Excel, PDF and CSV in React pivot table control

Custom style and theme

Built-in theme support in React pivot table control

Built-in themes

Ships with a set of 4 stunning, built-in themes namely material, fabric, bootstrap and high contrast.

Custom CSS for React pivot table control

Custom styling

You can customize the appearance of the control to any extent programmatically.

Globalization and localization

Globalization support in React pivot table control


Enables users from different locales to use the control by formatting the date, currency, and numbering to suit locale preferences. This uses an internalization (i18n) library for handling value formatting.

Right to left, RTL support in React pivot table control

Right to left (RTL)

Supports right-to-left rendering and allows the text direction and layout of the control to display from right to left.

Localization support in React pivot table control


You can localize all the control strings in the user interface as needed and use the localization (l10n) library to localize UI strings.

Developer-friendly API

For a great developer experience, flexible built-in APIs are available to define and customize the React Pivot Table control. Developers can optimize the data bound to the control and customize the user interface (UI) completely using code with ease.

React pivot table supports cross-browsers

Cross-browser compatibility

It is necessary for the React pivot table to work on all major browsers across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Our control is written in pure JavaScript and does not require any plugin on any modern web browsers. It provides a seamless working experience for all Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera browsers.


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