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The WPF OLAP chart control organizes and summarizes business data and displays results in a graphic format.

WPF OLAP chart control

OLAP data source binding in WPF OLAP chart control

Data binding

The WPF OLAP chart control enables you to retrieve multidimensional data from SSAS or any XML/A provider. Following is the list of data sources our OLAP controls widely support:

  • SSAS
  • Mondrian
  • Active Pivot
  • Oracle

Slice and dice

With the slice and dice feature, you can create a new view for end users by selecting dimensions and measures from the OLAP cube and filtering them.

Slicing and dicing functionalities in WPF OLAP chart control

Key performance indicators, aka KPI support in WPF OLAP chart control

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are collections of calculations associated with a measure group that evaluates business success. Typically, these calculations are a combination of multi-dimensional expressions (MDX) or calculated members. Four different types of KPI indicators available are:

  • Goal
  • Status
  • Trend
  • Value

Named sets

The named sets are MDX expressions that return a set of dimension members, which can be defined and saved as a part of the OLAP cube definition. Named sets simplify MDX queries and provide useful aliases for complex, typically used, set expressions.

Named sets support in WPF OLAP chart control

Creates user-defined members in WPF OLAP chart control

Calculated members and measures

You can now create and display dimensions and measures on your own.

Chart types

The WPF OLAP chart control common chart types are: column, stacking column, 100% stacking column, bar, stacking bar, 100% stacking bar, area, stacking area, spline area, step area, line, spline, rotated spline, step line, scatter, pie. Each chart type is easily configurable with built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.

Types of charts supported in WPF OLAP chart control

Drill down and drill up

There is built-in support for drilling down (expand) and drilling up (collapse) to visualize the chart information in both abstract and detailed views.

Drill member functionality in WPF OLAP chart control

Drill member

This option delivers a detailed view of any selected level member while drilling down and shows an abstract view after drilling up.

Drill position functionality in WPF OLAP chart control

Drill position

You can drill only the current position of a selected level member, excluding others.


With built-in filtering options, you can easily filter and visualize data.

Filtering in WPF OLAP chart control

Sorting in WPF OLAP chart control


Sorting feature supports ordering series based on measure values.


Extensive support has been provided to load and render a large amount of data without any performance constraint through a pager.

Paging support in WPF OLAP chart control

Identifies chart labels through legend in WPF OLAP chart control


A color code helps to differentiate chart series items. The legend has labels beside each color to present some detail about the series.

Axes and series

Series customization in WPF OLAP chart control

Series customization

Users can customize chart series colors, the border color, and the border width of the control.

Point labels in WPF OLAP chart control

Point labels

The point labels provide information about a data point with the help of adornments in a series.

Axis labels in WPF OLAP chart control

Axis labels

There are customization options for the axis labels, including placement, label format, and rotation. There are also options for avoiding labels overlapping.

Series combinations support in WPF OLAP chart control

Series combinations

Provides support to plot different chart types in the same plot area.

Animation support in WPF OLAP chart control


Effects can be provided to chart series while rendering so the charts have a unique look.

Title in WPF OLAP chart control


Provide captions for a chart and chart axes, describing the controls’ actual purpose in an application.

Watermark support in WPF OLAP chart control


The watermark provide faint imprints on the chart that can be either an image or text.

User interaction

Interaction features like zooming, panning, and tooltip are supported for a better user experience in the WPF OLAP Chart control.

Zooming support in WPF OLAP chart control


Users can take a close-up look at a data point plotted in a series at runtime with the zooming feature.

Panning support in WPF OLAP chart control


Users can click and drag the pointer across a zoomed-in chart to navigate to data points for better viewing.

Tooltip support in WPF OLAP chart control


Tooltip provide basic information about a series while the pointer is hovering over it.

Exporting and printing

There is a rich set of options available for exporting data to Word, PDF, and image formats, and printing the same. Several options are also provided to customize the exporting and printing operations.

Prints and exports to Excel, PDF and image support in WPF OLAP chart control

Saves current report in WPF OLAP chart control

Save and load reports

Settings in the WPF OLAP chart control can be serialized to an XML format and saved. Also, the saved report can be loaded back through the built-in deserialization options.

Globalization and localization

Globalization in JavaScript OLAP chart control


Allows users from different locales to use the control by changing the date format, currency format, and number format to suit local preferences.

Right-to-left in WPF OLAP chart control

Right-to-left (RTL)

The text direction and layout of the control can be displayed in the right-to-left (RTL) direction.

Localization in WPF OLAP chart control


Allows users to customize the text available in the user interface based on the local culture.

Custom style and themes

Built-in theme support in WPF OLAP chart control

Built-in themes

Ships with a set of 14 stunning, built-in themes like Office365, Office2010, and Office2016 in light and dark patterns, Metro, etc.

Color palette support in WPF OLAP chart control


Ships with a set of 23 built-in palettes like Earth Tone, Analog, Colorful, Nature, etc.

Custom XAML styling support in WPF OLAP chart control

Custom styling

Customize the appearance of the control to any extent.

Customizes WPF OLAP chart control appearance using theme studio

Theme studio

Easily customize all aspects of appearance using the Theme Studio utility.


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