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The WPF ComboBox control is a rich, multiselect combo box implementation that provides a flexible dropdown list with support for single and multiple selection. Delimiters are used to separate the selected items. The control’s rich feature set includes a select-all option, checkboxes in dropdown items, and the easy customization of its appearance using templates.

wpf multiselect combobox with dropdown list open

Data Binding

The WPF ComboBox supports ItemsSource binding and displays the data based on display member. It allows you to design the application in MVVM pattern such as binding selected value.

WPF ComboBox itemssource binding


The WPF ComboBox makes the selection from dropdown listbox easy from dropdown listbox with support for multiple selection and confirmation button in the dropdown. Supports selected item appearance customization.

WPF ComboBox Selection documentation

single selection in WPF ComboBox

Single selection

Single selection allows users to select a single item from the dropdown listbox.

multiselect combobox control


Built-in CheckBox allows users to select more than one item in the ComboBox with complete keyboard support.

display all selecteditem in wpf combobox

Select All Option

Select all items from the ComboBox dropdown in one click.

confirmation option with ok and cancel buttons in wpf combobox

Excel-like selection

Performs selection after user confirmation using OK and Cancel buttons similar to Excel.

wpf combobox selected values separated with delimiter

Delimiter character

Customized delimiter helps separate the selected items displayed in the ComboBox.

Multiselect edit using tokens

Users can find a suggestion list of filtered items in the drop-down of the ComboBox and edit multiple items in the display text area using tokens.

WPF ComboBoxAdv Token

Dynamic checked items

Users can override the selected items programmatically by using the OnItemChecked and OnItemUnchecked methods of the ComboBox.

WPF ComboBoxAdv Dynamic checked items


Watermarks provide additional hints to users about the data to be selected from the listed values.

WPF Watermark documentation

watermark text hint to selectitem in wpf combobox


Localizes the static text to any of the desired language.

localized wpf combobox to guide users in their language

Right To Left

The WPF ComboBox Supports right to left (RTL) direction for users working in right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian.

Right- to - left support in wpf combobox


Dropdown list items can be customized with image or custom control using templates.

customized dropdown list in wpf combobox using template


The WPF ComboBox provides various built-in themes like Office2016, Office2013, Metro, Blend, etc., which help adopt the control based on the application UI.

WPF ComboBox Themes documentation

WPF ComboBox Code Example

Easily get started with the WPF ComboBox using a few simple lines of XAML and C# code example as demonstrated below. Also explore our WPF ComboBox Example that shows you how to render and configure the combo box in WPF.

<syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv Height="30" Width="200" 
                              VerticalAlignment="Center" > 
            <syncfusion:ComboBoxItemAdv Content="Denmark" /> 
            <syncfusion:ComboBoxItemAdv Content="New Zealand" /> 
            <syncfusion:ComboBoxItemAdv Content="Canada" /> 
            <syncfusion:ComboBoxItemAdv Content="Russia" /> 
            <syncfusion:ComboBoxItemAdv Content="Japan" /> 
public partial class MainWindow : Window 
    public MainWindow() 
                  ComboBoxAdv comboBoxAdv = new ComboBoxAdv() 
            Height = 30, 
            Width = 200, 
            HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center, 
            VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center 
                  ComboBoxItemAdv item1 = new ComboBoxItemAdv() { Content = "Denmark" }; 
                  ComboBoxItemAdv item2 = new ComboBoxItemAdv() { Content = "New Zealand" }; 
                  ComboBoxItemAdv item3 = new ComboBoxItemAdv() { Content = "Canada" }; 
                  ComboBoxItemAdv item4 = new ComboBoxItemAdv() { Content = "Russia" }; 
                  ComboBoxItemAdv item5 = new ComboBoxItemAdv() { Content = "Japan" }; 
                  this.Content = comboBoxAdv; 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A multiselect option to make it easy to select items and display them with delimiters.
  • Data-binding support for various data source types to manage and display selected values.
  • Watermark support and template customization to make the control more flexible.
  • Work with a simple configuration and API.
  • Use touch-friendly and responsive features.
  • Learn quickly and get started with WPF ComboBox using its extensive demos and documentation.

You can find our WPF ComboBox demo on

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Microsoft location.

No, this is a commercial product and requires a paid license. However, a free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue, 5 or fewer developers, and 10 or fewer total employees.

A good place to start would be our comprehensive getting started documentation.

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