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Task Relationship

Relationships can be specified between different tasks to determine the order in which the task needs to be performed.

The relationship links can be finish-to-start, start-to-finish, start-to-start, or finish-to-finish types.

Data Handling and Manipulation


Columns can be sorted either based on a single field/column or on multiple columns/fields.


A task’s fields, such as duration, start date, end date, predecessors, etc., can be edited directly in their respective cells using dialog, or interactively using taskbars.

Interactive Features


Tooltip enhances the user experience by displaying customized information regarding a specific task.


Gantt provides support for zooming the time period of the task.


Gantt easily specifies milestones with just a checkbox in the row.


Highlighting tasks allows you to highlight a specific set of tasks in the Gantt chart region.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are used to indicate exactly where the current time is in the timeline.

Strip Lines

Strip lines can be generated for recurring dates as well. They denote important events in a sequential timeline.

Baseline Comparison

Dynamically add baseline columns to help better analyze the current progress made against the baseline estimations. It is also possible to display baseline statistics with custom visual elements like charts.

Resource Customization

Resource Names

Resource names can be customized easily.

Resource View

Tasks are rendered in a single row to create the resource view.

Export Options

There is built-in support for exporting the visible region or the entire Gantt chart as a JPEG, PNG, or BMP.

Microsoft Project Compatibility

Easily import and export between Gantt and Microsoft Project.

WPF and Silverlight API Compatibility

The Gantt controls for the WPF and Silverlight platforms mostly share the same API except for some areas where it is not possible to do so due to platform differences.

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