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Cell Grid

The cell grid is a cell-oriented control for displaying tabular data and can be customized down to the cell level. It does not make any assumptions regarding the structure of the data. It can be used in a virtual manner, where the data is provided on demand in real time, or it can be used in a manner where the cell grid maintains the data within its own internal structures. Its rich feature set includes functionalities like editing, cell styling, data formatting, covered cells, various cell editors, clipboard operations, formulas, Excel-like selection, frozen rows and columns, and importing.

High Performance

Instant Loading

Cell grid has the ability to load even millions of rows and columns in less time. It supports on-demand loading of data.

Smooth Scrolling

Provides a smooth scrolling experience even with millions of rows and columns.

Virtual Importing

Provides support to virtually import Excel workbooks.

Data Population

Users can populate the grid by either using cell grid’s internal data storage or providing the data on demand through virtual mode.

Internal Storage

Users can populate the grid by storing the cell style in its internal storage. Cell style exposes various properties for storing cell appearance and data information.

Virtual Mode

Provides support for on-demand population where the grid does not store cell style in its internal storage. This means the grid can be loaded with millions of rows and columns instantly.

Appearance and Formatting

Cell grid provides cell style for setting cell data and customizing each individual cell’s appearance, including font, background, foreground, borders, orientation, margin, padding, alignment, and more. Cell style can be applied to any range of cells, rows, columns, and tables. It also provides support to format the data.


Cell grid provides support for editing cells with a wide range of cell types and events in order to save the changes to external data sources.

Data Validation

Cell grid provides support to validate the cell and display error information and dialogs. Error information and dialogs can be customized as required.

Clipboard Operations

There’s built-in support for clipboard operations such as copy, cut, and paste. Copied content can be customized. It also provides support to copy/paste with styles between two grids.

Cell Types

There’s built-in support for various cell editors to deal with different types of data for a better editing experience. The user can place any control inside the cell using the DataTemplate cell type. Cell grid provides a pluggable cell renderer architecture for easily implementing custom cell types without compromising on performance. The supported cell types are:

  • Static cell
  • TextBox cell
  • CheckBox cell
  • ComboBox cell
  • DataTemplate cell
  • Numeric cell
  • Date Time cell
  • Up Down Edit cell
  • Hyperlink cell


Cell grid provides support for Excel-like formulas to calculate the value of a cell. It comes with an extensive formula function library that supports more than 400 built-in formulas covering a broad range of business scenarios. It supports cross-sheet references and named ranges like Excel and also allows the user to add custom functions.

Excel-Like Features

Covered Cells

Provides support to merge a range of cells into a single cell.

Cell Comments

Supports adding comment tips like in Excel. Comment tips can be set to all corners of cells and can be customized.

Freeze Panes

Provides support to freeze rows at top and bottom and columns at left and right.

Input Message

Provides support to display an input message when users interact with a cell.

Floating Cells

Provides support to float cell content to an adjacent cell when the content exceeds the cell size.

Interactive Features


Support for selecting a range of cells, rows, or columns with customizable selection color. Excel-like selection frames and current cell highlight can also be enabled.

Context Menu

Provides support for cell-level context menu. Context menu items can be modified at runtime.


Provides support to resize, hide, and unhide rows and columns.


Supports both accelerated scrolling and deferred scrolling. Supports the ability to have common scroll bars for two or more grids.


Tooltip support can be enabled for each cell. The displayed information can be customized.

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