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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms

Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms expands its extensive offerings with a new diagram control, multicolumn grouping for data grid, and zooming and panning for image editor.


New control

The diagram control can be used to create different types of diagrams such as flow charts, use case diagrams, workflow process diagrams, and more. Also, this control allows you to build applications for creating or editing diagrams interactively.

Key Features

  • Nodes, connectors, ports: Elements used to compose a diagram.
  • Layouts: Arrange nodes in a tree-like structure based on the relationship between them.
  • Undo/redo: Reverse or re-apply recent changes.
  • Stencil: Holds a list of symbols that is displayed over a diagram.
  • Serialization: Save the current state of the diagram, and load it back when needed.
  • Interaction: Selection, zooming, and panning.

Data Grid

Multicolumn grouping

Group by one or more columns programmatically just by setting an API.

Conditional style improvement

The appearance of grid cells can be conditionally customized by using an event in the data grid control. You can customize background, foreground, font, and font attributes for grid cells. The style of an entire row can also be customized.

Caption summary row template

A template can be loaded for caption rows and cells in the data grid control. A customization is available to load templates for the entire caption row or for individual cells.

Font attribute

Record fonts for a column can be customized in the data grid control as bold, italic, or none by using the font attributes option.

Sorting icons animation

Sorting icons can be animated when sorting a column by writing a custom style.

Grouping icons animation

Grouping icons can be animated when expanding or collapsing a group by writing a custom style.

Header border color customization

Header borders can be customized by writing a custom style.

Data pager

The data pager view in the data grid control has been visually enhanced with customizable borders and animated scrolling when interacting with the header button.

Other enhancements

  • Performance has been improved when drawing grid borders for various grid lines (horizontal, vertical, or both).
  • Row heights for a range of rows can be customized in a data grid control by using the bulk update option.
  • The data grid control supports data virtualization to efficiently process data and improve performance.
  • The data grid control can be exported to a particular page in a PDF document.
  • The data grid control can be exported to a particular point on a page in a PDF document.


Array formula calculation

Support has been provided for array formula calculation as in Excel. An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations with an array or series of data values and return one or more results. It helps to simplify the formula expression. For example, “=MAX (B1-C1, B2-C2, B3-C3, B4-C4, B5-C5)” can now be replaced by the array formula, “{=MAX (B1:B5-C1:C5)}”.



The chart control now supports annotations, which display metadata about a chart or series at a specific point of interest in the plotting area.

Corner radius support for bar-type segments

Corner radius support for all bar-type series has been provided.

Start angle support for polar and radar charts

This feature allows the axis for polar and radar charts to start at a specified angle.

Wrap legend items

This feature allows legend items to be wrapped based on the available space.

Axis crossing support

Axis crossing is a feature that changes the location at which the x-axis crosses the y-axis and vice versa.

Axis label background corner

Now, the axis labels can be customized with background corners.


  • An event has been added to handle the tap event for axis labels.

  • Visibility of single pie segment can be collapsed using its corresponding legend item.


Pull-to-refresh with data grid

The pull-to-refresh control supports loading the data grid control as pullable content so that data can be refreshed in the grid through interaction or programmatically.

Essential DocIO

Clone and merge enhancements

An option has been added to restart or continue list numbering when merging Word documents.

Image Editor

Zooming and panning

The image editor control now supports image zooming and panning.

List View

Item Reordering

Support has been added for reordering items by dragging and dropping them in a linear layout. This feature supports displaying the customized view in a template while dragging.

Load More

Support has been provided to load more data at runtime automatically or manually when end of the list is reached. It supports to customize the loading indicator and load more button.

Swiping Animation

Support has been provided to animate the swipe view when swiping on list view items.

Numeric Up-Down


Numeric up-down now supports custom views, images, and a font icon with increment and decrement buttons.

Essential PDF


Security support allows users to create or load a password-protected PDF document.

PNG support

Support has been added to draw PNG images in PDF documents.

PDF Viewer

Text markup annotation

Highlight, underline, and strike out text in a PDF document. View and modify the highlight, underline, and strike out annotations in a PDF document.

Circular Gauge

Marker pointer

The circular gauge supports the following types of marker pointers:

  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Image

Tail support

Tail support has been added for needle pointers.

Pointer dragging

Support has been added for dragging needle pointers and marker pointers.

Scale direction

The scale in a circular gauge supports the following directions:

  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise


The circular gauge supports annotations containing UI elements.

Range pointer corner radius

The range pointer supports the following locations for a corner radius:

  • Start
  • End
  • Both
  • None


Scale labels can be rotated automatically based on the current angle.


Custom font support

Custom fonts are now supported.

Programmatic date selection

Support for programmatic selection has been added.

Programmatically scroll time slots

Support has been added for programmatically scrolling time slots in day, week, and workweek view.

Month indicator enhancements

The number of appointment indicators to display in the month view can be customized on both iOS and Android.

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