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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms

Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms expands its extensive offerings with a new Xamarin.Forms radial menu for UWP, multi-selection support in the autocomplete control, and five new controls.

Tab View

New control

The tab view control lets users explore and switch among different views.

Key features

  • Tab header type with text, font icons, and no header.
  • Scrollable content and header.
  • Top and bottom placements of header.
  • Layout option for overflow tabs.

Masked Text Box

New control

The masked text box control lets users restrict input to certain types of characters, text, and numbers using a mask pattern. This control is used to create a template for providing information such as telephone numbers, IP addresses, product IDs, etc.

Key features

  • Users can mask the input with a fixed length or variable length by setting the ‘MaskType’ to ‘Text’ or ‘RegEx’, respectively.
  • Users can set custom prompt characters.
  • Special symbols like a currency symbol, date separator, decimal separator, etc., can be localized based on culture.
  • Input validation can be done either during each key press or when the control loses focus.
  • Values can be accessed with or without literal and prompt characters.
  • Use clipboard operations with or without literal and prompt characters.
  • Watermark text can be used to display an instruction or important information.
  • The UI of the masked text box is completely customizable.

Data Form

New control

The new data form control enables the data fields of any data object to be edited, allowing various forms to be developed, such as login, reservation, and data entry.

Key features

  • Support for linear and grid layouts with grouping support.
  • Support to load images as captions.
  • Built-in support for the following editors: text, numeric, numeric up-down, picker, date picker, time picker and switch.
  • Support for loading custom editors.
  • Built-in support to validate data based on INotifyDataErrorInfo and data annotations.
  • Support to programmatically handle validation.
  • Support to customize a layout with different heights for each item.

What's New for Xamarin.Forms | Syncfusion

Pop-up Layout

New control

The pop-up layout control can communicate important information to users with ease as pop-ups. Highlight and communicate all important information to users in simple, yet fully customizable pop-up views. They’re adaptive to existing applications with few lines of code.

Key Features

  • Built-in layouts: Layouts are built-in, yet customizable, to display all information. Custom layouts can also be loaded.
  • Model View representation: Built-in close icon with command support.
  • Animations: Built-in animations for pop-ups when displayed and dismissed.
  • Position customizations: Built-in customization options to display pop-ups in different ways, such as:
    • Centered
    • Relative to another view
    • At touch point
    • At custom position
  • Validations: Built-in validations for positioning pop-ups in the view.

Progress Bar

New control

The progress bar provides a customizable visual that indicates the progress of a task.

Key features

  • Visualize progress in different shapes: rectangles and circles.
  • Customize the ranges with different colors in linear progress bars.
  • Customize the progress and track thickness.
  • Display custom content at the center of circular progress bars.
  • Visualize progress in segments.
  • Customize the angle of circular progress bars.

What's New for Xamarin.Forms | Syncfusion


Gradient support for chart series

Gradient colors are now supported in chart series.

Legend customization

Users can customize legend items with custom views.

Individual axis label customization

Individual axis labels can be customized.

Spline range area series

A new spline range area chart type has been added.

Circular Gauge

Gradient support

Gradient color support has been added for customizing the gauge range.

What's New for Xamarin.Forms | Syncfusion

Data Grid

Group summaries

Display summary information of each group for the entire group summary row or for individual cells.

Grid style improvement

Default appearance of the data grid control and the icons used in the control have been improved for a better visual experience.

Conditional style improvement

Options to apply only a selection effect or both a selection effect and styling for cells and rows has been provided.

Summary font attributes

Customize the font attributes for all summaries in the data grid control.

Other enhancements

  • Align summary column text based on grid column text alignment for all summaries.
  • Exposed View-related APIs directly in the data grid itself that allow you to bind them in XAML.
  • GridTappedCommand and GridLongPressedCommand allow you to bind a command to be executed with end-user interaction.
  • Option to notify with property changes and refresh the view programmatically.
  • Support for handling the QueryRowDragging event when a row is dropped without changing the record index.
  • Support for binding SelectedItems to let end users bind selection from view model.


Word to PDF support

DocIO now allows you to convert Word documents into PDF files.

Linear Gauge

Header support

Header support has been added to the linear gauge for displaying titles.

Corner radius support

The linear gauge’s scale and bar pointers support the following locations for a corner radius:

  • Start
  • End
  • Both
  • None

Marker shapes

The linear gauge supports the following symbol pointers:

  • Circle
  • Diamond
  • Image
  • Inverted triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle


Autointerval support has been provided for the linear gauge scale to maintain an interval based on its size.

Opposed position

The linear gauge supports positioning the scale’s ticks and pointers on either side of the scale.


The linear gauge supports annotations containing UI elements.

List View

Selected-item template

Support has been provided to customize the view of selected items by defining the selected item template.

Item appearing and disappearing events

Support has been provided to programmatically notify users whenever an item appears or disappears from view upon loading, scrolling, disposing, etc.


List view items can be paged by using the data pager control.


Range color mapping

Range color mapping support has been added for the maps control.

PDF Viewer

Built-in toolbar

Support for a built-in toolbar has been added in the PDF viewer, allowing easy access to all of its features.

Ink annotation

Support for ink annotation enables free-hand drawing on a PDF document. The annotation color, thickness, and opacity are customizable.

What's New for Xamarin.Forms | Syncfusion


Pull-to-refresh with data grid improvement

The pull-to-refresh control, when hosted with the data grid control as pullable content with a transition mode as push, bounces only the body region of the data grid when performing a pull-to-refresh action.

Radial Menu

Radial Menu for Xamarin.Forms UWP

The new radial menu is useful for displaying a hierarchical menu in a circular layout. Typically used as a context menu, it can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus.

Key features

  • Multi-level items
  • Custom views
  • Custom segmentation
  • Font icons
  • Drag on view
  • Rim rotation



Select multiple items from a suggestion list. There are two ways to perform multiselection in autocomplete.

Token representation

Selected items will be displayed with a customizable token representation and the users can remove each tokenized item with the close button.


Selected items can be divided with a desired character given for a delimiter.

Maximum display item with expander

Restrict the number of suggestions displayed and have the remaining items loaded by selecting LoadMore.

Match highlighting

Highlight matching characters in a suggestion list to pick an item with more clarity. There are two ways to highlight the matching text:

  • FirstOccurrence
  • MultipleOccurrence

Filter items in the suggestion list based on a custom search by the user. This will help to apply our typo toleration functionality to the control.

Performance of autocomplete

The performance of autocomplete has been improved with several optimizations that allow users to load and search a million items in a second.


Vertical swiping

Vertical swiping support has been added for navigating through calendar months.

Agenda view

An agenda view has been added in which appointments will appear at the bottom of the calendar month view.


Mind map

A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of a whole idea. It consists of a central idea, related ideas, and lines connecting them together. It is used for brainstorming, planning, information gathering, etc.

Note: Mind map is not supported in Xamarin.Forms UWP.

Curve connector

Now, diagram control supports the creation and manipulation of curve connectors between two nodes.

Image Editor

Adding toolbar items

Image editor toolbar items can be added, removed, edited, and customized with images and text.

Cropping with aspect ratio

Using built-in toolbar items, images can be cropped to aspect ratios 3:1, 4:5, 16:9, etc., or they can be reset to the original aspect ratio. Cropping can also be performed programmatically.


The current state of image editor elements can be saved and loaded when needed on any platform or device.


Support has been added to place a shape in front of, behind, or between other shapes.


Support for start and end hours

Change the start and end hour display in day, week, and workweek views to show only the needed time durations for end users.

Minimum appointment height

Set the minimum appointment height regardless of appointment duration.

Appointment template and appointment template selector support

Customize appointments using an appointment template and appointment template selector.

Lightweight UWP schedule with Google Calendar appearance

Previously, the UWP schedule had a Windows Phone appearance. Now, the new, lightweight UWP schedule has been enhanced for better performance. The usability and appearance of workweek view and week view have been improved based on Google Calendar.

MVVM enhancements

Command support for CellTapped, CellDoubleTapped, CellLongPressed, and VisibleDatesChanged events has been added.

Appearance improvements

  • Month inline view, appointment rendering, and selection appearances have been improved.
  • Current day highlighting in the month view has been added.

Other enhancements

  • New header tapped and view header tapped events.
  • Animations have been enhanced in the inline view and all-day panel to improve user experience.

Essential XlsIO

Filter enhancements

Essential XlsIO now allows data to be filtered by color and icon.

Export Excel data to business objects

Export Excel data into an IEnumerable collection even on platforms that don’t support data tables. This helps developers populate business objects or model collections from an Excel worksheet very easily.

Trace precedents and dependents

XlsIO assists users to trace the relationships between cells and formulas in Excel workbooks by providing the following abilities:

  • Get precedent ranges to see which cells are referenced in the active cell’s formula.
  • Get dependent ranges to see which cells contain a reference to the active cell.

Copy and paste enhancements

XlsIO now supports copying content and pasting it as a link, which pastes references of the source range instead of pasting values. When the original data changes, the information is automatically changed where the content was pasted as a link.

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