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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms

Cross-platform development can be a challenge, but Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms gives developers even more tools for success with the addition of a new picker control, new radial menu control, and text selection and copy support for PDF Viewer.


New control

The new picker control is used to pick an item from a list of items that can be customized or templated with a custom view. This control can also be opened as a dialog.

Key Features

  • Multicolumn
  • Header View
  • Footer View with Default Buttons
  • Item Template
  • Custom View

Radial Menu

New control

The new radial menu is useful for displaying a hierarchical menu in a circular layout. Typically used as a context menu, it can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus.

Key Features

  • Multi-level items
  • Custom views
  • Custom segmentation
  • Font icons
  • Drag on view
  • Rim rotation


Multiple spline types

The chart control now supports multiple spline types for spline and spline-area series.

  • Cardinal
  • Natural
  • Clamped
  • Monotonic


The chart control supports show/hide the trackball information for series.


Content Control Support

DocIO now allows creating and modifying content controls in Word documents and provides a way to design documents with the following features:

  • Create a form-like user interface.
  • Prevent users from editing the contents of a content control.
  • Bind content to XML data.

Image Editor

Arrow Annotation

Supports annotating arrow shape on image. This shape can be dragged-and-dropped, rotated, and resized.

List View


List view provides support for refreshing the data source at runtime upon performing pull-to-refresh action.


Digital Signature

Digitally sign documents such as .pfx files using PKCS#12 certificates with private keys.

Tagged PDF

Provide accessibility support by allowing users to create PDF/Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) or section 508 compliant PDF documents.

PDF Viewer

Select and copy text

Select text content in PDF documents and copy it to the clipboard. The copied text can be pasted in any applications on the device.


Support to insert columns

Presentation now allows inserting columns in tables in PowerPoint presentations.

Data Grid

Drag-and-drop indicators

The data grid control provides support to customize the row drag-and-drop and column drag-and-drop icons based on requirements.

Other enhancements

  • The data grid control provides extensibility to animate rows upon selection.
  • The data grid control now supports row drag-and-drop using mouse in Xamarin.Forms.UWP desktop platform.
  • The data grid control supports exporting date-time columns and numeric columns to Excel and PDF formats.

Essential XlsIO

Filter Enhancements

Essential XlsIO allows users to sort filtered data by text, number, cell color, and font color. Data can also be filtered based on a custom text filter.

Automatically fit rows and columns

Users can specify row height and column width to automatically fit content for a range of cells.

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