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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms


What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms

Volume 2 brings macOS support to the data grid, chart, and list view controls, plus four new controls and more schedule features to your cross-platform mobile projects.


  • From this release onwards, the localization procedure for our controls has been simplified to use .resx files to provide localized text in .NET Standard projects. Localized text is no longer required in platform-specific projects. However, if you are already following a platform-specific approach, it will continue to work.
  • Provided macOS support for the chart, data grid, and list view controls.
  • Syncfusion project templates have been integrated with Visual Studio to quickly create Xamarin.Forms applications with the required Syncfusion components.
  • Toolbox support has been provided to easily initialize and configure Syncfusion components in XAML.

Segmented Control

New control

The segmented control lets users choose from a linear set of two or more segments, each functioning as a button.

Key features

  • Supports displaying the segments with text, font icons, or both.
  • Supports scrolls and aligning the segments equally within the available space.
  • Populates the segments from a collection of strings and views along with the objects of built-in classes.
  • Supports customizing the text and other UI elements.

Combo Box

New control

The combo box is a text box component that allows users to type a value or choose an option from a list of predefined options. It supports many features out of the box, such as data binding, filtering, UI customization, and more.

Key features

  • Edit mode: Supports both an editable and a non-editable text box for choosing drop-down items.
  • Filter modes: Provides three ways to display filtered suggestions. These include displaying suggestions through the drop-down list, appending the first suggestion to text, and a combination of both.
  • Suggestion modes: Supports nine modes for filtering suggestions, including StartsWith, EndWith, Contains, Equals, Custom, and more. The combo box control provides both a case-sensitive mode and a case-insensitive mode. Items are filtered only when the IsFiltering property is enabled.
  • Watermarks: Supports explanatory text inside the combo box control until the user inputs text. The watermark is restored if the end user clears the text in the control.
  • Customization support: Options for customizing both the entry and suggestion drop-down.
  • Multiple selection: Provides token representation and delimiter modes for selecting multiple items from the suggestion list. Token mode offers wrapping and non-wrapping modes for text.
  • Header and footer: Header and footer content can be added to the top and bottom of the suggestion list.
  • Highlight text: Highlights matching text in the suggestion list based on the input.

Check Box

New control

The check box is a selection control that allows users to select one or more options from a set. It has three states: checked, unchecked, and indeterminate.

Key features

  • Supports three states.
  • Allow users to select and clear the control by tapping.
  • Supports check box color, shape and label text customization.

Radio Button

New control

The radio button is a selection control that allows users to select one option from a set. It has two states: checked and unchecked.

Key features

  • Allow users to select and clear the control by tapping.
  • Supports radio button color and label text customization.

Tab View

Tab view for Xamarin.Forms UWP

The tab view control provides a simple and intuitive interface for tab navigation in your mobile application that allows users to explore and switch among different views.

Key features

  • Tab header types with text, font icons, and no header.
  • Scrollable header.
  • Top and bottom header placement.
  • Layout options for overflow tabs and center button.

Load more

Instead of loading all items on initial load, the collection is split by a specified count value and only the first set is added in the carousel view. The next set will be loaded after the load more option is tapped.

UI virtualization

Maintains only the items in the view port in the carousel view.


macOS support in Xamarin.Forms (Preview)

The chart now supports the macOS platform in Xamarin.Forms.

Date-time category axis support

The new date-time category axis allows users to plot date-time values without a visual gap between two data points. This is similar to a category axis, but the ranges and interval are calculated based on the date-time value.

Different shapes in scatter series

We have added support for different shapes in scatter series. The available shapes are cross, diamond, ellipse, hexagon, inverted triangle, pentagon, plus, rectangle, and triangle.

Group small data points into “others” category in pie and doughnut series

Pie and doughnut charts with too many small slices look cluttered. To overcome this, an option has been provided to merge small slices into a single slice based on a threshold value.

Add text to the center of doughnut chart

Text can be added to the center of a doughnut chart to show information about the data.

Data Form

Password editor

Password editor support enables user verification.

Data Grid

macOS support in Xamarin.Forms (Preview)

The data grid control for Xamarin.Forms is now available for the Mac OS platform with all the existing features.

Key navigation support for Xamarin.Forms.UWP

Navigate through grid rows with all built-in selection modes in the UWP platform for a better, native experience.

Other enhancements

  • Autogenerate numeric columns, picker columns, and date-time columns.


Bezier curve

Bezier curve can be modified using the two control points provided on the connector’s selector.

Bezier curve

Orthogonal segment modifier

Now, orthogonal line segments can be modified by the handler provided on the connector’s selector.

Orthogonal segment modifier

Grid lines and Snap to grid

Nodes can be aligned easily using grid lines and snap to grid support.

Grid lines & Snap to grid

Dynamic drawing tool support

Provided support to draw text nodes as well as connectors on the diagram area, dynamically.


Mind map style

Now, it is easier to apply styles to shapes and connectors branch wise or level wise in mind map. Shape types and connector types can also be modified.


Essential DocIO

Word-to-PDF enhancements

Essential DocIO now allows the following features in Word-to-PDF conversion:

  • Preservation of the embedded fonts from a Word DOCX document in the resultant PDF document.
  • Editable form fields such as text boxes, check boxes, and drop-downs in the Word document are now converted to their equivalent AcroForm fields in the resultant PDF document.
  • Headings in the Word document are now converted to PDF bookmarks in the resultant PDF document.
  • Word documents are now converted into 508 compliant accessible PDF (Tagged PDF) documents.
  • Customization of font substitution with an option to set the alternate font stream.

Strict Open XML documents

Essential DocIO now allows you to open and save Strict Open XML format (*.docx) documents.

HTML import

Essential DocIO now allows you to import HTML files.

Image editor

Custom view

Custom views can be added as annotations over an image. They can be resized and positioned anywhere on an image.

Toolbar height customization

Toolbar item height, icon height, and text height can be customized.

Font family

Text annotations can be customized to use any desired font family.

Stroke thickness and opacity customization

The image editor control supports customizing the stroke thickness and opacity of circle, rectangle, arrow, and path annotations.

List View

Support for macOS (Preview)

Provides support for macOS with existing features along with key navigation.

Key navigation in UWP

Process list view item selection using the keyboard.

Load more at top

Load more items in at the top of the list view manually.

Scroll to particular position

Programmatically scroll through list view items to a specific location like the start, center, and end.


Localize the Load More text from PCL/.NET Standard.


Online tile map providers support

Feature that allows tile map providers such as OpenStreetMap and Bing maps to visualize satellite, aerial, street map, or other kinds of imagery tiles without using any shapes files.

Multiple drawers

The navigation drawer now supports two drawers that can be placed in any of the four sides and can have different content based on requirement.

Essential PDF

RTL text

Add RTL text to PDF documents.

Custom metadata

Add custom metadata to PDF documents.

Document timestamp

Add timestamp to PDF documents without using certificates.

Digital signature flattening

Flatten the digital signature fields in existing PDF documents.

Auto resize the text of text box fields

Automatically resize the text of text box fields.

Adding annotation to the PDF layers

Add annotations to the PDF layers.

PDF Viewer

Free-text annotation

Support for free-text annotation allows the user to add text annotations in a PDF document. The annotation’s color, font size and text content are customizable.

Shape annotation

Support for shape annotation allows the user to add Rectangle, Ellipse and Line annotations in a PDF document. The annotation’s color, thickness, and opacity are customizable.

Pop-up Layout

Slide-on-right and slide-on-bottom animation

Animate the pop-up view to slide on right and slide on bottom when opening or closing the pop-up.

Other enhancements

  • Display the pop-up without parent in any existing application on the fly.
  • Display the pop-up at an absolute position from the target view when showing it relative to another view.

Essential Presentation

Animation Support

Support to create and edit animations in PowerPoint presentation.


Appointment drag and drop

Reschedule appointments using drag and drop operations.

Time zones

Display appointments created in various time zones in the specified time zone.

Agenda view

Display selected date appointments below the month view.

Month cell templates

Customize the month cell view using month cell templates and a template selector.

Partial hours

Set partial working hours, start hour, and end hour according to your requirements.


Localize custom text from PCL/.NET Standard.

Sunburst Chart

Drill-down support

Feature that provides a drill-down option with animations for visualizing large sets of data in a minimal data view.

Selection support

Highlight or select sunburst segments.

Animation support

Animate the chart when it is first shown.

Tooltip support

Display segment information as a tooltip while tapping the segment.

Essential XlsIO

Group shape support

XlsIO now allows grouping multiple shapes into a single grouped shape. This is used to apply shape settings to all the shapes in a group at the same time. All grouped shapes can be ungrouped at once or a specific shape can be ungrouped.

Pivot Table layout enhancement

Supports additional layout option to repeat data of specific fields or all fields.

Excel chart styles

By setting the style ID between 1 and 48, the chart style can now be changed easily. The default style ID is 2.

Copy and paste enhancement

Skips blank cells while copying data from source range to destination range.

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