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What's New in Essential Studio for WPF


What's New in Essential Studio for WPF

Give your end users even more functionality with a new Progress Bar control, a new Image Editor control, and check-box selection support in the DataGrid.


Toolbox for NuGet package

When NuGet packages are installed, the controls in the package are added to the toolbox, for better designer experience.

Control entries available in toolbox

ProgressBar (Preview)

New control

The progressbar control provides a customizable visual to indicate the progress of a task.

Key features

  • Visualizes the progress in different shapes, such as rectangle and circle.
  • Determinate shows a specific amount of progress and indeterminate shows redundant animations of progress.
  • Customize ranges with different colors inside the progress bar.
  • Visualizes the progress in segments.
  • Displays the custom content at the center of the circular progress bar.
  • Customizes the angle of the circular progress bar.


ImageEditor (Preview)

New control

SfImageEditor is a very handy tool that is used to edit an image by annotating a text and built-in shapes. It allows you to crop, rotate, and flip an image. It has a built-in toolbar, which helps perform editing operations.

Key features

  • Built-in toolbar
  • Flip
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Support to add shapes like rectangle, circle, and arrow.
  • Annotating a text.
  • Support to save edited images.
  • Zooming and panning.
  • Undo, redo
  • Reset



Checkbox selector column

This feature allows you to show check boxes in a column to select or deselect rows in a data grids. All the rows can also be selected using an intuitive check box in the header.

wpf datagrid shows rows selection using checkbox selector column


Performance improvement

The performance of the ComboBox control has been improved. Now, ComboBox is much faster (approximately 20x faster) at opening and scrolling items in the drop-down.


Highlighting matched text

Highlight matching characters in a suggestion list to pick an item with more clarity. The matching texts can be highlighted in the following two ways:

  • First occurrence: This highlights the first position of the matching characters in the suggestion list.

First occurrence.

  • Multiple occurrences: This highlights a matching character present in any list item when SuggestionMode is set to Contains.

Multiple occurrences.

Diacritic sensitivity

Populate items from a language with letters containing diacritics and search for them with English characters from an en-US keyboard.


PDF Viewer

Sticky note annotation

This support allows users to add and modify it in PDF files.

Sticky note annotation

Shape annotation enhancements

Users can now add and modify arrow, polygon, and polyline-shaped annotations in PDF files.

Shape annotation enhancements

PDF Library

PDF digital signatures with CAdES

Digitally sign PDF documents with an advanced digital signature standard called CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures).

Signatures with CAdES.

Validating PDF digital signatures

Validate digital signatures in existing PDF documents.

Validate digital signatures.

Encrypt only file attachments

Encrypt only file attachments in a PDF document.

Encrypt only attachments.

Find corrupted PDF documents

Find out whether a PDF document is corrupted or not.

Find corrupted PDF.

Excel Library

Data import enhancements

  • Import data from a nested collection to Excel and group it in a hierarchy.
  • Import column headers when using the ImportOnSave option.
  • Skip a property while importing data from a collection.

Nested Collections Imported to Excel

Data export enhancement

Data from Excel can be exported to collection objects so that the values can be used as models. Now, XlsIO allows exporting data to nested classes to visualize data in a relative structure.

Excel-to-PDF conversion enhancements

  • Unsupported fonts will be substituted by a font stream in Excel-to-PDF conversions.
  • Capture and log warnings intentionally raised in Excel-to-PDF conversions.

Excel-to-PDF Conversion

Word Library

Custom table styles

Word Library now allows creating and applying custom table styles in Word documents (DOCX and WordML), and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF, Word-to-image, and Word-to-HTML conversions.

Custom table style

Rotation support for shape, text box, image, and group shape

Word Library now allows rotating shapes, text boxes, and group shapes in Word documents and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF and Word-to-image conversions.

Rotation support for shape, text box, image, and group shape


The print preview window of SfDiagram has been enhanced like Microsoft Visio with the following new features:

  • Support to select various printers installed in the machine.
  • Ability to control the number of copies.
  • Option to print all the pages or custom page range.
  • Option to select the printing order either collated or uncollated.

New print preview window

Checked ListBox

Select all elements

A new “select all” check box is available at the top of a list box to select all items in a list.

CheckListBox with select-all, grouping, and sorting features


Items can be grouped, and all items in the group can be selected or cleared in a single click. Nested grouping is also supported.


Items can be sorted in ascending or descending order based on their properties.


A large set of items can be added with solid loading and interaction performance.

Selected items

You can define your own collection for selected items.



  • Auto hidden panels can now be moved to dock, float, or document state using the context menu.
  • Document tabs can be reordered or floated simultaneously.
  • A floating panel can be maximized or set to dock state when header is double-clicked.
  • The UI of an individual child header can be customized.
  • The size of a side panel can now be customized.

Property Grid


  • Keyboard interaction support is provided.
  • Define a custom editor through attributes based on property type or name.
  • Reorder properties using the Order attribute.
  • Define property order, name, description, and group by using the Display attribute.
  • Define property order, name, description, and group through event.
  • Hide a property by using the Bindable attribute.
  • Mark a read-only property by using the Editable attribute.


On resizing the window, ribbon gallery and its items rearrange itself based on the available size for precise view.

Responsive ribbon gallery


MDI and TDI (tabbed) merging combines items of two different ribbon controls aligned in two different windows.



Sort columns when mapped to indexer property

This feature allows you to sort the columns that are mapped to the indexer property.

Visual Studio Extensions

NuGet Toolbox

After installation of Syncfusion NuGet packages, Syncfusion UI for WPF components can be accessed from Visual Studio toolbox.

NuGet Toolbox

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