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What's New in Essential Studio for WPF


What's New in Essential Studio for WPF

Volume 2 delivers an Office 2019 theme across all WPF controls, impressive TreeView and Scheduler controls, and a simplified mode for the Ribbon control.


.NET 5 Preview support

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of .NET 5 Preview 3 at the BUILD conference. We are happy to announce that Syncfusion WPF controls support .NET 5 Preview with this release.

New Office2019 themes

New Office2019 colorful and Office2019 black themes have been provided for both frameworks and Syncfusion controls.

WPF Theme Studio with Office2019 themes.

What's New for WPF Scheduler Control | Syncfusion

Scheduler (Preview)

The Syncfusion Scheduler control offers five types of built-in configurable view modes that provide basic functionalities for scheduling, managing, and representing appointments.

Key features

Multiple scheduler views: A range of built-in view modes for any scenario, including day, week, workweek, month, and timeline views.

Recursive Exception Dates

Appointments/events: Renders recurring, all-day, and spanned appointments to visualize your schedules and events easily.

Data binding: Binds any business object to an appointment. This is done by mapping data objects to fields such as start time, end time, subject, notes, and recurrence.

Recurring appointments/events: Easily configure recurring events to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Recursive Exception Dates

Recursive exception dates: Remove or modify the details of any appointment subject to a recurrence pattern by adding exception dates to the scheduled appointment.

Recursive Exception Dates

Time zone: Set a time zone for the Scheduler control itself, as well as its events, regardless of the time zone on your system.

Flexible working days: Customize and display the working days in a workweek. The remaining days will be hidden.

Appointment editor: Create and edit various types of appointments. Reschedule appointments by editing the start and end time of appointments. Also, edit a single occurrence or a whole recurrence pattern of an event using the Appointment Editor.

Appointment Editor

Appointment drag, drop, and resize: Drag and drop appointments easily from one time slot to another and resize appointments to reschedule them.

Month agenda view: Display the appointments in a list below the month view by clicking a day.

Recursive Exception Dates

Appearance customization: Customize the scheduler appearance and formats to provide a uniform and consistent look.

Localization: Localize all static text in the WPF Scheduler to any desired language.

TreeView (Preview)

The Syncfusion WPF TreeView is a data-oriented control that displays data in a hierarchical structure with expanding and collapsing nodes.

wpf treeview

Key features

Enhanced performance: Optimized view reuse strategy and flat rendering architecture for enhanced performance.

Bound and unbound modes: Support to bind hierarchical data or add unbound tree nodes.

On demand loading: Support to load the nodes on demand when the end user expands the node.

Selection: Support to select the nodes with different selection modes and keyboard navigation.

Drag and drop: Support to reorder the nodes by dragging and dropping them.

Templating: Provides complete UI customization using the template and template selectors.

Root lines: Support to show the lines between tree nodes.


Simplified Ribbon

The ribbon is now available in a simplified mode, similar to the most recent Office products. The simplified ribbon occupies less space (a single line) with frequently used commands. Other commands are placed under the overflow button for the best user experience.

WPF Ribbon arrange items in simplified mode

Different image types in a Ribbon button

Previously, only the direct image path was supported by the Ribbon button. Now, support for adding different types of images (such as glyphs) and any custom control has been provided.


Swim lane

This feature reveals who does what and when in a grid-like diagram organized into sections. It goes beyond a basic flowchart to show the relationships between functions (such as a stakeholder or department) and phases (such as milestones) in a process. You can create a swim lane diagram from code or a visual interface with the built-in swim lane shapes.

Sales process flowchart created with the help of built-in swim lane shapes


Data marker performance

The chart data marker’s rendering performance is greatly enhanced, resulting in 2x improvement in loading and 10x improvement in zooming and panning interactions.


Line indicator on drag and drop

This feature allows you to show the line indicator on rows to indicate where the rows are going to drop.

Drag line indicator in WPF DataGrid

Excel Library

Import HTML tables into Excel worksheet

Essential XlsIO supports importing HTML tables into Excel worksheets. The ImportHtmlTable method loads an HTML file with the following features:  

  • Imports HTML tables
  • Imports tables with formatting 

HTML to Excel

Export Excel data to JSON files

Essential XlsIO supports converting Excel data to JSON files by simply saving the workbook using the SaveAsJson method. This support includes the features to save,  

  • a workbook as a simple JSON file or a JSON file with XML schema
  • a workbook to JSON
  • a worksheet to JSON
  • a range to JSON
  • a stream with the above features

Excel to JSON

Export Excel notes to PDF

Essential XlsIO provides support to export Excel notes to a PDF document that will be displayed similar to the worksheet cells or at the end of the worksheet.

Excel to JSON

PDF Library

Redact annotation

Mark the words or areas to be redacted with the Redact Annotation. Redact_PDF_ocument

Cloud style annotation

Create a shape annotation with the cloud style. Cloud_style_annotation

Word Library

SEQ fields

Word Library now allows updating SEQ (sequence) fields in a Word document.

Update a SEQ fields in Word documents

Track changes enhancements

Word Library now provides the following features in tracked changes preservation:

  • Move-to and move-from revisions are preserved in Word documents (DOCX and WordML).
  • Move-to and move-from revisions can be accepted and rejected.
  • Style and section property tracked changes are preserved in Word documents.
  • All tracked revisions in a Word document can be accessed through an API.

Track changes enhancements

FirstColumn and LastColumn in bookmarks

Word Library now provides FirstColumn and LastColumn APIs to define the column range for bookmarks inside tables in Word documents.

Mathematical equations in Word-to-PDF conversion

Word Library now preserves mathematical equations (MathML) when converting Word documents (DOCX and WordML) to PDF.

Mathematical equations in Word-to-PDF conversion

PowerPoint Library

Extract OLE object

PowerPoint Library now allows extracting embedded OLE objects from PowerPoint presentations.

Extract OLE object from a PowerPoint presentation

PDF Viewer

RTL (right-to-left) direction

This feature changes the flow direction in the UI from right to left based on the culture setting of a device.

RTL direction

Spell Checker

Standard dictionary file format

You can now use standard dictionary file formats such as Hunspell, Ispell, and OpenOffice.


  • Built-in support to load dictionaries based on culture.
  • You can now use a custom dictionary and a standard dictionary at the same time.
  • You can share the same dictionary file across multiple spelling-check instances.


Marker customization

This feature allows users to customize the default marker icon, as well as its size and color, with predefined icons such as circles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, and images.

Marker icon with pin image Marker icon with diamond

Marker selected event

This feature allows users to get the information of a selected marker and change the selected marker view.

Alignment support for markers

This feature allows users to set the marker alignment.

Marker virtualization

This feature allows users to virtualize a large number of markers when zooming and panning maps.

Pinch zooming

This feature provides pinch zooming support for the imagery layer of maps.


Disable nested properties

You can now enable or disable nested properties of selected objects using events and attributes.

Masked editing support

This feature allows users to add new attributes to the masked editor to edit emails, phone numbers, zip codes, currency, etc.

Masked editing support for PropertyGrid control for WPF

Collection editing

This feature allows users to view, edit, add, and remove items of a collection.

Collection editor support for PropertyGrid control for WPF


  • Control expand mode for an individual property.
  • Show property description using a tooltip.


Thumb and track customizations

The range slider now allows you to customize thumb, active and inactive tracks, ticks, and tooltips to create modern user interfaces.

WPF Range Slider Customization

Docking Manager

Visual Studio-like drag provider

Docking manager now supports Visual Studio-like drag provider.

VisualStudio like drag provider in DockingManager control for WPF

Serialization enhancement

This feature allows users to load a saved state even when the state of the children is mismatched.

Document Container

Title bar for maximized window

When the window is maximized, the Document Container has a title bar you can use to minimize, normalize, or close the window.

Title bar support for Document Container

Looping items continuously

Now you can treat items as a looping list. After the last item, navigation continues back to the first item.

Navigate to the previous item, next item, previous page, and next page using the keyboard, mouse wheel, or commands.

Radial Gauge

Gradient support for range

This feature allows users to add gradient colors to a radial gauge range.

Gradient range

Dragging support for pointers

This feature allows users to drag the pointer from one location to another at runtime.

Tab Control

Different tab sizing mode

Tab items can stretch along the available size in single-line and multiple-line modes.

Different tab size mode for tab control


  • You can now enable or disable the editing of individual tab items.
  • You can easily customize appearance of new tab buttons using a data template.
  • Scroll tab header items using the mouse wheel when there are many items.
  • Show hidden tab items in the tab list context menu.

AutoComplete (SfTextBoxExt)

Retrieving selected items

Allows users to retrieve selected items that are filtered in multiselection mode.

WPF Text Box Selected Items

Time Span Edit

Step intervals

You can now increase or decrease values with multiples of the interval value.

Color Picker Palette

Split button mode

Now Color Picker Palette can act as a split button or drop-down button.

Split button mode for Color Picker Palette

Visual Studio Extensions

.NET 5.0 support

Extensions in Syncfusion WPF Visual Studio include .NET 5.0 support for project template and reference manager.

WPF Project Template

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