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What's New in Essential Studio for WPF

Essential Studio for WPF is an impressively large suite that keeps getting better with the addition of workbook sorting and filtering, dynamic diagram ports, Adobe X security, and other new features.

Calendar Edit

Special dates customization support

Support is provided to customize special dates in the calendar edit control.


Segment color binding

Color mapping support has been added for each segment in a chart series.

Multiple spline types

The chart control now supports multiple spline types for spline and spline-area series.


IntelliMouse panning

Diagrams can be panned—viewed left to right or vice versa—by moving the center scroll button on an IntelliMouse side to side.

Segment decorator

A new decorative element has been added for connectors to indicate the flow of a connection over another connector or segment.

Scrolling performance

When scrolling a large number of objects in a diagram, outlines of the objects will be displayed until each object completely loads, resulting in smoother scrolling.


Word-to-PDF enhancements

DocIO now supports equation fields during Word-to-PDF conversion.

Edit Control

Microsoft Visual Studio-like go-to-line support

A Microsoft Visual Studio-like editor with built-in go-to-line dialog window support is provided. It helps users navigate to specific lines with ease.


PDF security enhancements

PDF 2.0 security features (AES Revision 6) are now supported.


Comments support

Presentation now supports creating and modifying comments in PowerPoint presentations.

Property Grid

Support has been added to handle custom descriptor objects in a property grid.


Sort & Filter

Support has been provided to analyze data effectively in a workbook with sort and autofilter options, like in Excel.


Support has been provided to sort data, either in ascending or descending order, based on the cell values.


Support has been provided to filter data using an autofilter feature, which has many options to filter data from multiple columns and the ability to clear the filtered data from specific columns, like in the Excel.

Tree Grid


The tree grid control now supports filtering nodes programmatically with various filter-level options.


Icon settings in Excel-to-PDF conversion

Essential XlsIO supports custom icon settings for PDF conversion with the “Show Icon Only” and “Reverse Icon Order” options.

Chart-to-image conversion enhancements

When converting a chart to a PDF file or an image, chart elements, such as titles and display units, now support rich-text, and chart series with different markers are also supported.

Pivot table custom sorting

Pivot table columns can be sorted by an array of strings or by setting a custom position.

Table filters

Excel table rows can be filtered based on text, number value, and date.

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