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What's New in Essential Studio for WPF


What's New in Essential Studio for WPF

Volume 4 delivers new features for WPF development, including a new Text Input Layout control, support to display column summaries as titles in the DataGrid, and the ability to create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF documents using the PDF Library.

PDF Viewer

Extract lines from a PDF file

Users can extract lines of text from a PDF file along with their bounds information.

Extract words from a PDF file

Users can extract words from a PDF file along with their bounds information.


Calculate summary for records selected

This feature allows you to calculate the summary (table, caption, or group summary) for the selected records in datagrid.

summary calculation for selected records in wpf datagrid

Display column summary as title

This feature allows you to show a title as a column summary (table, caption, or group summary).

wpf datagrid shows caption summary for columns with caption text

Template support for summary rows

This feature allows users to show any custom view in summary rows (table, caption, and group summaries).

Positioning the newly added row for DataTable collection

This feature allows you to position a row at the beginning or end of the DataGrid when a new row is added using the built-in AddNewRow option.

New options in Excel-like UI filter

This feature allows users to filter data with “Does not begin with” and “Does not end with” options in the Excel-like UI filter.


Multiple row selection

This feature allows users to select multiple rows by interacting with the check boxes in a column or within the rows. Users can also select all the rows using an intuitive check box in the header.

multiple row selected in wpf multicolumn dropdown

Filtering performance improvement

This feature allows you to delay filtering or searching records in the drop-down when typing each character in the editor so that filtering won’t be applied for each character when you type quickly.

Text Input Layout (Preview)

New control

The new Text Input Layout control adds decorative elements like floating labels, icons, and assistive labels on top of the WPF TextBox.

Key features

  • Displays floating labels when the input view is focused.

  • Displays error labels.

  • Supports none, filled, and outlined container types.

  • Displays leading and trailing icons.

  • Displays helper labels.

  • Displays maximum character count.

Text Input Layout

AutoComplete (TextBox extension)

Performance improvement

Now, the AutoComplete control’s search optimization loads and performs search operations seamlessly even for more than a million items populated.

Performance of AutoComplete control.

Range Slider

Drag selected range

This feature allows users to fix a range in the Range Slider and drag the range without changing the start and end points individually.

Drag selected range.


Stacked line and 100% stacked line charts

The new stacked line and stacked line 100 series in WPF Charts allow users to visualize the different series stacked together to show a cumulative value.

Stacked line charts

Chromeless Window

Add controls to the title bar

An option has been provided to add custom controls to the left and right sides of the Chromeless Window title bar.

Controls in the title bar

Word Library

Mathematical equations

Word Library now allows creating and editing mathematical equations (MathML) in Word documents (DOCX and WordML).

Mathematical equations in Word documents

Autofit table content

Word Library now automatically adjusts table cell size based on its content.

Automatically adjust table cell size

Image Editor

Freehand drawing support

This feature allows freehand drawing over an image.

Freehand drawing

Text rotation support

This feature allows users to rotate text placed over an image.

Text rotation

Localization support for toolbar items

Provides localization support for toolbar items and their tooltip text.


Z-index support for the selected shape and text

This feature allows users to change the z-index of a predefined selected shape and text by using methods programmatically.


Align data labels smartly

The feature allows users to align labels smartly within shape boundaries to avoid overlapping.

Data label smart alignment

Caching imagery layer tiles in a local folder

This feature allows users to store downloaded tiles in a local folder and reuse them while zooming and panning. Users can provide a storage location explicitly.

Zoom level changing event

This feature provides an event for knowing the current and previous values of the imagery layer zoom level.

Center changed event

This event provides the current tile view rectangle bounds values while zooming and panning the imagery layer.

Delete tiles from cache

This feature provides a method to delete tiles from the cached location.

PDF Library

PDF/A conformance

Support provided to create PDF/A conformance documents. Using this library, the following types of conformance documents can be created.

  • PDF/A-1a
  • PDF/A-2a
  • PDF/A-3a
  • PDF/A-2u
  • PDF/A-3u

PDF/A Conformance.

Validate the incrementally saved PDF digital signatures

Improved the PDF digital signature validation algorithm to identify Incremental saving attacks (ISA).

Validate incrementally saved signatures.

Remove duplicate resources when merging PDF documents

Support provided to remove duplicate PDF resources such as image and fonts when merging PDF documents.

Remove the duplicate PDF resources.

Create Long Term Validation (LTV) when signing PDF documents externally

This feature allows you to digitally sign a PDF document externally with LTV.

Create LTV.

Create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF document

Support provided to create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF documents.

ZUGFeRD version 2.0.


Nested properties

This feature allows you to explore nested properties of a selected object to any level.

Exploring nested properties of a selected object using WPF property grid control.

Built-in editor support

Built-in editor for unsigned int, short, long, and TimeSpan types have been provided.

Nullable value support

You can now give a null value to nullable primitive types.


Based on your application’s requirements, you can now prepare and display a separate context menu for the Ribbon gallery and its items.

Context menu of Ribbon gallery

Surface Chart

Legend label format

This feature allows users to change the format of the legend labels.

Legend label format

Serialization and deserialization

This feature is used to serialize and deserialize the SurfaceChart object.

Syntax Editor

Single line mode

The single line mode is an edit mode that provides a single-line text box with the full functionality of the syntax editor and its languages.

Single line mode.

Save as

SaveAs allows the content to be saved as a new file or a copy of an existing file. Users can define the file name and location when saving the file.

Save as.

Status bar

A new status bar provides options to display the line numbers, column index, file path, and encoding type. Predefined options can be hidden and custom options can be added in the status bar.

Status bar.

Excel Library


A macro is a set of programming codes that runs in the Excel environment to automate tasks. XlsIO allows you to create and edit macros in Excel worksheets using IVbaProject and save the worksheets in different formats such as XLS, XLTM, and XLSM.


Conditional formatting enhancement

Conditional formatting now allows you to highlight the following:

  • Top or bottom ranked values.

Conditional Formatting Top or Bottom Values

  • Values that are above or below average.

Conditional Formatting Above or Below Average Values

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