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What's New in Essential Studio for WPF

Essential Studio for WPF empowers desktop developers with theme support for tree grids, axis scale breaks for charts, and parameter rending based on parameter layout for Report Viewer.


Axis scale break

Axis scale break support has been provided for chart control.

Scatter segment dragging

Dragging support has been provided for scatter segment when editing its data values.


Annotation enhancements

Interaction support is provided for annotations. They can be selected, dragged, resized, and rotated.

Annotations can be automatically rotated based on the segments they are aligned with.


Content Control Support

DocIO now allows creating and modifying content controls in Word documents, and provides a way to design documents with the following features:

  • Create a form-like user interface.
  • Prevent users from editing the contents of a content control.
  • Bind content to XML data.

Word-to-PDF Enhancements

  • DocIO now allows converting Word documents to PDF in Azure websites.
  • DocIO now allows converting Word documents with rotated images to PDF as they were formatted originally.
  • DocIO now allows converting Word documents with mirror margins to PDF as they were formatted originally.


Compress existing PDF document

Reduce file size of existing PDF documents.

Tagged PDF

Provide accessibility support by allowing users to create PDF/Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) or section 508 compliant PDF documents.


Support to insert columns

Presentation now allows inserting columns in tables in PowerPoint presentations.

PDF and image conversion enhancements

Presentation now allows PowerPoint presentations with rotated and nested group shapes to be precisely converted to PDF or image formats.

Report Designer

Parameter layout

Report Designer provides support for laying out parameters for the Report Viewer.

Calculated fields

The data set editor supports adding calculated fields.

Report Viewer

Parameter layout

Support has been provided to render the parameters based on the parameter layout introduced in SQL Server Reporting Service 2016.

Data Grid


Search operations based on the EndsWith keyword can be performed.



Support to localize static text in the control.

Tree Grid


Provided support for built-in visual styles like Blend, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Metro, and Visual Studio. Also added support to create custom visual styles using WPF Theme Studio.


Filter Enhancements

  • XlsIO now allows the user to sort filtered data by text, number, cell color, and font color.
  • Provides the ability to filter data based on custom text filter.

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