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What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core


What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core

Enhance your ASP.NET Core apps with a new Bullet Chart control, frozen rows and columns with row virtualization in the Data Grid, and map zooming based on markers in the Maps control.


Bullet Chart is the variation of bar chart, which displays one or more measures, and compares it to a target value. You can also display the measures in a qualitative range of performance such as poor, satisfactory, or good.

It supports the following features:

  • Data binding
  • Tooltip
  • Animation
  • orientation
  • Flow Direction
  • Multiple measures
  • Events

Bullet Chart


Background for chart

Set backgrounds for chart and chart area.

Chart Background.

Smart axis labels in polar and radar charts

Hide the labels that overlap one another in polar and radar charts.

Axis label trim in polar and radar

Trim the polar and radar axes labels when they exceed the chart area.

Polar Radar label.

Trendline collapse

Collapse the visibility of a trendline using its legend.

Chart Background.

Polar and radar data label improvement

Place data labels in polar and radar charts at different positions like top, bottom, middle, and outer.

Polar datalabel.

Word Library

Mathematical equations

Word Library now allows creating and editing mathematical equations (MathML) in Word documents (DOCX and WordML).

Mathematical equations in Word documents

Autofit table content

Word Library now automatically adjusts table cell size based on its content.

Automatically adjust table cell size

Word Processor


Enables users to add and edit comments in a Word document.


Server-side SFDT conversion

Allows server-side conversion of SFDT (Syncfusion Document Text) to DOCX, RTF, etc., formats.

File Manager

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file system provider support

Provides support for a File Transfer Protocol service provider that helps manage files in the File Manager control.

File Transfer Protocol

Gantt Chart

Row drag and drop

Provided support to drag and drop rows to reorder rows dynamically within the Gantt control.

Drag and Drop support in Gantt Chart


Frozen rows and columns with row virtualization

The row virtualization feature allows you to load data instantly as you scroll vertically and render rows in a frozen grid based on the viewport height. This helps improve the frozen grid performance when loading large data sets.

Frozen feature with row virtualization.

Frozen rows and columns with column virtualization

The column virtualization feature allows you to render columns based on the current viewport width in a frozen grid. The rest of the columns will render instantly as you scroll horizontally. This helps improve the frozen grid performance while providing a large number of columns.

Frozen feature with column virtualization.

Heatmap Chart

Legend title customization

Provided support to customize legend titles in the heatmap control.

Heatmap Legend title


Zoom the maps based on markers

Zoom the maps initially, based on the marker’s location.

Zoom based on markers

Marker clustering improvements

Cluster and expand markers with the same latitude and longitude values.

Marker clustering improvement

Initial/dynamic selection and deselection

Select or deselect the shapes dynamically and on initial rendering.

Dynamic selection and deselection

Binding colors and shapes to markers

Bind colors and shapes to the markers from the data source.

Bind to markers

PDF Library

PDF/A conformance

Support provided to create PDF/A conformance documents. Using this library, the following types of conformance documents can be created.

  • PDF/A-1a
  • PDF/A-2a
  • PDF/A-3a
  • PDF/A-2u
  • PDF/A-3u

PDF/A Conformance.

Validate the incrementally saved PDF digital signatures

Improved the PDF digital signature validation algorithm to identify Incremental saving attacks (ISA).

Validate incrementally saved signatures.

Remove duplicate resources when merging PDF documents

Support provided to remove duplicate PDF resources such as image and fonts when merging PDF documents.

Remove the duplicate PDF resources.

Create Long Term Validation (LTV) when signing PDF documents externally

This feature allows you to digitally sign a PDF document externally with LTV.

Create LTV.

Create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF document

Support provided to create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF documents.

ZUGFeRD version 2.0.

Image extraction

This feature allows you to extract images from the existing PDF documents.

Image Extraction.

PDF Viewer

Handwritten signature

This feature allows users to include handwritten signatures in PDF files and provides options to customize and remove signatures.

PDF Viewer.

Pivot Table

Conditional expression support when creating calculated field

In addition to the existing formula creation, users can now provide a conditional expression. For example, the conditional expression “Sum(Sold) !== 0 ? Sum(Amount)/Sum(Sold)” : 0 can be given in both code-behind and calculated field UI.

calculated field UI

Performance optimization during virtualization

During virtualization, the performance of the pivot table improves based on the uniqueness of the raw data fields. With the new data compression technique, the pivot table can now be connected to 1 million raw data aggregated to 1,000 unique data and rendered within 3 seconds rather than 10 seconds.

Rich Text Editor

Code format feature improvements

Keeps a single pre tag in the selection’s parent nodes instead of creating individual pre tags. The Enter key is handled by merging the newly created pre tag to the previous one.

Code format feature improvements

Code format as toolbar button

Allows users to configure code format as a separate toolbar button with a toggle state to apply and remove code formatting.

Code format option as a toolbar button

XHTML validation support

Allows users to validate the source content of the Rich Text Editor against the XHTML standard. When you enter or modify content in the editor, it continuously checks the XHTML source content and removes elements and attributes that are not valid.


minDate and maxDate support

minDate and maxDate support is provided to restrict date navigation and event rendering in the Scheduler.



When filtering, if values in one or more columns do not meet the filtering criteria, the entire data will be hidden. You can filter texts, dates, and numbers.

Spreadsheet Filtering.

Undo and redo

This feature provides an option to undo and redo changes made in a workbook. You can customize the limit of undo and redo operations.

This feature allows users to navigate to web links or cell reference within the sheet or other sheets in the Spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Hyperlink.

Collaborative editing

This feature allows multiple users to work on a spreadsheet at the same time and view the changes made by others instantly.

Text box

Icon inside the input field

This feature allows you to render icons inside the input fields.

Input group apperance


This feature allows you to adjust the width of a text box.



The autofill feature allows users to fill adjacent cells with the currently selected cell value using a drag-and-fill action similar to Microsoft Excel behavior.

TreeGrid with autofill feature.

Visual Studio Extensions


The user experience has been enhanced with Visual Studio scaffolding templates for DataGrid, Charts, Scheduler, Diagram, TreeGrid, Rich Text Editor, Word Processor, and PDF Viewer.

Scaffolding Dialog

Scaffolding Syncfusion Dialog

Excel Library


A macro is a set of programming codes that runs in the Excel environment to automate tasks. XlsIO allows you to create and edit macros in Excel worksheets using IVbaProject and save the worksheets in different formats such as XLS, XLTM, and XLSM.


Conditional formatting enhancement

Conditional formatting now allows you to highlight the following:

  • Top or bottom ranked values.

Conditional Formatting Top or Bottom Values

  • Values that are above or below average.

Conditional Formatting Above or Below Average Values

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