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What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core


What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core

Update your web apps with a new Barcode control; support for file system service providers like SQL Server database, Microsoft Azure cloud storage, and Google Drive cloud storage; and virtual scrolling support in the TreeGrid control.

What's New | Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core | Common | Syncfusion
What's New for Essential JS2 ASP.NET Core Barcode | Syncfusion


One Dimensional

The barcode generator is a one-dimensional, light-weight, and high-performance control. The barcode control can be customized. Its color, height, width, etc. can easily be changed. It supports barcode types like Code 128, Code39, Codabar, etc.

Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Barcode control OneDimentional

QR Code

The Quick Response Code (QR code) is a two-dimensional barcode. The QR code provides an option to customize the size and appearance, and also to change the version and error correction level. Each QR code can store values upto 7089 digits. It is mostly used for URLs, business cards, contact information, etc.

Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Barcode control QRcode

Data Matrix

A Data Matrix is a two-dimensional barcode. Data Matrix barcode provides an option to customize the size and appearance, and also to change the encoding type, etc. Each barcode can store values upto 2335 alphanumeric characters. A Data Matrix barcode is mostly used by couriers, food industry, etc.

Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Barcode control DataMatrix

What's New for Calendar Control | ASP.NET Core | Syncfusion


Customize the day header

This feature allows changing the format of the day name displayed in the header. Possible formats are short, wide, narrow, and abbreviated.

Abbreviated day header

Narrow day header

What's New | Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core | Charts | Syncfusion


Canvas rendering

Charts now provide support for canvas rendering mode, which is fast and high in performance.

Canvas chart

Data editing

Data editing allows users to edit chart point values visually.

Data editing

Funnel and pyramid chart smart labels

Overlapping data labels in funnel and pyramid charts will be arranged on both sides of the charts.

What's New for Essential JS2 ASP.NET Core Diagram | Syncfusion


Custom tooltip for Diagram

This feature allows the users to set custom content for the diagram tooltip as either a string or HTML content.

Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Diagram control Tooltip

Template support for User handle

This feature allows the users to set custom content for the diagram user handle. The user handle content may be a path, image source, or SVG template.

Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Diagram control User handle

Word Library

Mail merge enhancements

Word library now provides the following features in mail merge:

  • Event to customize clearing unmerged fields during mail merge.
  • Event to customize removing unmerged groups during mail merge.
  • Option to access the new instance (WPicture or WTextRange) replaced during mail merge.
  • Execute mail merge using ADO.NET objects.

Group shape in DOCX and DOCX-to-PDF conversion

Word library now allows creating group shapes in Word documents (DOCX) and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF conversion.

Group shape in Word-to-PDF conversion

RTL text rendering in Word-to-PDF conversion

Right-to-left (RTL) text rendering in Word-to-PDF conversion has been improved.

Right-to-left text in Word-to-PDF conversion

What's New for Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Word Processor | Syncfusion

Word Processor

Restrict editing

Control the type of editing that can be made to a document.

Restrict editing.


Preserve the chart in a document opened in Document Editor.

Chart preservation.

Paste text with formatting

Paste the copied text with formatting.

Paste text with formatting.

Spell check

Check the spelling and make corrections.

Spell check.

What's New for Essential JavaScript File Manager | Syncfusion

File Manager

File system providers support

Added file system providers for the following services,

  • SQL server database
  • Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • Node.js framework
  • Google Drive cloud storage

Access control support

Provided options to set access permissions to files and folders for a specific user or group of users.

Access control support in File Manager

Access control support in File Manager - Access denied

Cut, copy and paste support

With this release, File Manager comes with a support to copy or move files across directories.

Drag and drop support

Easily interact with the File Manager to move files using drag and drop action.

Drag drop support in File Manager

Rename and replace support when uploading

File Manager now handles duplicate files that either replaces the existing files or keeps both the files by renaming it based on user preference.

Drag drop support in File Manager

Restrict file types in uploading

Restrict the types of files to be uploaded based on file extensions.

Drag drop support in File Manager

What's New | Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core | Gantt Chart | Syncfusion

Gantt Chart

Context Menu

Provided support to perform add, edit, and delete using context menu. Milestones can be converted to tasks and vice versa. In Gantt, custom menu items can also be used.

Context Menu support in Gantt Chart


Provided support to ZoomIn, ZoomOut, and ZoomToFit timeline in Gantt for better visualization of Gantt Chart.

Zooming support in Gantt Chart

What's New | Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core | Maps | Syncfusion


Marker clustering

Maps now provides support to hide and cluster markers when they overlap one another.

Marker clustering in Maps.

What's New for MultiSelect Control | ASP.NET Core | Syncfusion

MultiSelect Dropdown

Grouping with check box

Previously, there was no check box for group headers. Now, check boxes can be rendered in group headers to select a group of items in a single selection.

Grouping with checked check box

Grouping with indeterminate check box

PDF Library

Add comments and reviews to the PDF annotation

Set or change PDF annotation review statuses and make comments.

PDF reviews and comments.

PDF 2.0 version support

Create a 2.0 version of PDF.

PDF version 2.0.

Convert TIFF image to PDF

Tiff to PDF

What's New | ASP.NET Core | PDF Viewer | Syncfusion

PDF Viewer

Shape annotation

Shape annotations are used to draw different shapes like rectangles, circles, lines, and polygons in a PDF document. They are customizable.

PDF Viewer.

Stamp annotation

Stamp annotation allows you to apply stamps to a PDF document like a rubber stamp is applied to a paper document.

PDF Viewer.

Measuring tools

Measuring tools are used to calculate the distance, area , perimeter, radius, and volume. These measurements are used to draw plans like civil engineers’ site plans using our PDF Viewer.

PDF Viewer.

Sticky notes and comments

The sticky notes and comment options are used to track review feedbacks and the status of PDF documents.

PDF Viewer.

What's New for Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core Pivot Table | Syncfusion

Pivot Chart

Drill down/Drill up

Provision to drill down to access detailed levels of data as well as drill up to see summarized data in graphical format.

Drill Down/Drill Up with Pivot Chart

Pivot Table

Drill position

On multiple dimension scenario, users can drill only the current position of the selected member and exclude the drilled data of selected member in other positions.

Drill Position with Pivot Table

PowerPoint Library

Write protection

PowerPoint library now allows enabling write protection for PowerPoint presentations.

Write protection for PowerPoint presentations

What's New for Text box Control | ASP.NET Core | Syncfusion

Text box

Outlined and filled Text box

This feature allows rendering the following two types of text fields in material theme.

  • Filled text fields

  • Outlined text fields

Text box with filled apperance

Text box with outlined apperance

What's New | Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core | Tree Grid | Syncfusion

Tree Grid

Virtual scrolling

Provided support to load large data in Tree Grid with high performance by rendering row elements on-demand when scrolling vertically.

Virtual Scrolling support in Tree Grid

Row template

Provided support to customize the look and behavior of the Tree Grid rows.

Row Template support in Tree Grid

Detail template

Provided support to show additional information about each row of the Tree Grid on the detail row that is present below each row.

Detail Template support in Tree Grid

What's New | Essential JS 2 ASP.NET Core | RichTextEditor | Syncfusion

Rich Text Editor

Paste from Microsoft Word

The Rich Text Editor offers built-in options to paste content from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook to the editor by filtering out tags, attributes, and styles. The following options can be used to paste content:

  • Retain source style formatting.
  • Cleaned styles.
  • Plain text.

ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor with formatting options on pasting

Excel Library

Excel chart enhancements

Certain Excel charts support drop lines to help viewers determine a data point’s value on the horizontal axis.

Drop lines

Trace precedents and dependents enhancements

Cells with formulas referring to other cells can be retrieved by the GetDirectPrecedents() and GetDirectDependents() methods.

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