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What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET MVC


What’s New in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET MVC

Experience many new controls, including the Dashboard Layout, File Manager, Gantt Chart, and ListBox controls as part of our Volume 1 updates, as well as improvements such as a new Bootstrap v4 theme and stacked line and 100% stacked line chart support in the Charts control.


New components

The following components have been added to Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET MVC.

Dashboard Layout

The Dashboard Layout is a grid-structured layout control that helps create a dashboard with panels. Panels hold the UI components and allow resize, reorder, drag-n-drop, remove, and add options. This allows users to easily place the components at the desired position within the grid layout.

Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC DashboardLayout component preview.

File Manager

The File Manager is a graphical user interface component used to manage the file system. It enables the user to perform common file operations such as accessing, editing, and sorting files and folders. This component also allows easy navigation for browsing or selecting a file or folder from the file system.

Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC FileManager component preview.

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is a project management tool that helps to schedule, manage, and track the tasks in a project. Its intuitive user interface allows you to visually manage tasks, task relationships, and effectively allocate resources for the tasks.

Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC Gantt chart component preview.


The ListBox is a graphical user interface component used to display a list of items. Users can select one or more items in the list using a checkbox or by keyboard selection. It supports sorting, grouping, reordering, and drag and drop of items.

Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC ListBox component preview.

Preview to production

The following components have been moved from preview to production in Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET MVC:

Bootstrap v4 Theme

A new Bootstrap v4 design theme is implemented for all Essential JS 2 components, and it is now available in the demos.


Stacked line and 100% stacked line

Chart supports stacked line and 100% stacked line series.

Stacked line. Percent stacked line.

Axis labels line break

Chart can wrap axis labels onto multiple lines.

Axis label wrap.


Chart supports animation when data updates.

Circular Gauge

Axis label enhancement

Display the last label, even if it isn’t in the visible range.

Display last label in circular gauge axis.



This feature allows users to create a swimlane diagram from code or a visual interface with the built-in swimlane shapes.

Sales process flow chart created with the help of built-in swimlane shapes

Prevent serializing the default properties of diagram objects

This feature allows users to prevent the serializing of default properties of diagram objects when saving the diagram in JSON format.

Word Processor

Context menu customization

Add custom options with user-defined actions in the context menu.

Context menu customization support in the Word Processor component.

PDF Library


Create a ZUGFeRD PDF invoice document.

PDF ZUGFeRD invoice.

PDF/A-2b conformance

Create a PDF/A-2b conforming document.

PDF/A-2b conformance.

PDF/A-3b conformance

Create a PDF/A-3b conforming document.

PDF/A-3b conformance.

Get review details from the PDF annotations

Get comment and review details from the PDF annotations.

Annotation review details.

Import and export PDF annotations

Import and export PDF annotations as FDF and XFDF.

Import and export PDF annotations.

PDF Viewer

Text markup annotations

When reviewing PDF files, important text should be distinct. The PDF Viewer allows highlighting, underlining, or strikethrough of this text. The color of these also can be changed.

PDF Viewer.


The PDF Viewer now supports right to left flow direction for UI elements like toolbars, bookmark view, thumbnail view, and dialogs.

PDF Viewer.

Pivot Grid

Chart integration

Charts can now be plotted against the pivot data independently. Users can also modify the data using the Pivot Grid field list at runtime.

Chart integration with Pivot Grid


A toolbar option has been provided to the pivot controls, allowing users easy access to frequently used features. Also, users can save the state of the pivot grid and load it back whenever required.

Toolbar option in Pivot Table

Grouping date and number

Date type can be formatted and displayed based on year, quarter, month, date, etc. Also, the number type can be grouped range-wise, such as 1-5, 6-10, etc.

Grouping date and number in Pivot Table

Cell selection

Users can select a group of cells and access its information through the selection event for further manipulation.

Cell selection in Pivot Table

Cell template

Users can add templates to the existing pivot table cells based on their needs.

Cell template in Pivot Table

Rich Text Editor

Clean up on pasting

The ASP.NET MVC Rich Text Editor has an option to filter out the denied tags and attributes on pasting the content to the editor.

Paste clean-up for RichTextEditor.


Export and import Scheduler in ICS file extension

The Scheduler offers a way to export all its events to an .ICS file and also allows importing events from an ICS extension file.

Excel exporting

The Scheduler supports exporting events to Excel format.

Auto row height

The Timeline and Month views of the Scheduler automatically adjusts its row height as per the number of events each row holds.

ASP NET MVC Scheduler with Auto row height.

Sparkline Charts

Right-to-left rendering

The Sparkline Charts control now supports right-to-left rendering.

Right-to-left rendering for sparklines.


Expand and collapse

Expand and collapse support has been added to the panes of the ASP.NET MVC Splitter.

Expand and collapse for Splitter.

Stock Chart

Stock event

Stock chart now allows stock events to highlight important dates.

Stock Events


Multiline Textbox

This feature allows the Textbox to accept one or more lines of text like address, description, comments, and more.

Multiline Textbox.


Checkbox selection

The checkbox selection feature offers a way to select multiple tree grid records with the help of a checkbox in each row. It also provides an option to select or deselect all the rows in a tree grid using a checkbox in the corresponding column header.

JavaScript TreeGrid with checkbox selection.

Checkbox column

The checkbox column feature renders a checkbox in an already existing column to check or uncheck a row. It behaves hierarchically.

JavaScript TreeGrid with checkbox column.


Right-to-left rendering

The TreeMap control supports right-to-left rendering for all its elements like nodes, data labels, and legends.

Right-to-left alignment for TreeMap.

On-demand data loading

The TreeMap control supports on-demand loading of data for inner levels while drilling down.

Responsive legend

Use a responsive legend that switches positions between the right and bottom based on the available height and width.

Excel Library

Conditional formatting enhancement

Formatting unique and duplicate values in Excel worksheets can be done simply using conditional formats.

Custom table styles

Excel tables can be customized in different formats to visualize data.

Excel 2019 compatibility

Support for Microsoft Excel 2019 file format version.

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